Sorry to disappoint all of Sarah's friends, but...

...this isn't her. It's just me (Julie, aka neko_kaolla) here to tell her (and everyone) that her new layout is up and finished, as well as the two matching icons. =^_^=v I also put credit in the user info for the layout.

Also made her this FO banner, so it's here if she needs it:


So, Sarah-welcome to your new pretty pink paradise!!!
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Friends cut = done. If you're not cut now, you probably won't be cut.

Sorry to those who were cut. If you have any questions, email me at
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...;`Melodies of Life`;... is FRIENDS ONLY

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banner by khalls_stuff

If you want to be a friend, comment. I'll add you if I don't have issues with you, which singles out about.. 2 people XP Check on my current friends list to see if you're there.

IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT I WILL NOT ADD YOU. Don't just add me and expect me to add you, I never look at my own user info to see who's added me as a friend. :P And, when you comment, don't just be like OMGZ ADD ME!!!!111one Give me a reason, and tell me who you are. Thanks guys <3333


D00D. ADD ME IF YOU'RE GOING TO COMMENT. I add almost everyone who comments, and if you don't add me first, I won't add you. I AM ANAL OMG XP
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