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The First - Joee's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in The First - Joee's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
12:45 am
Posted in chosen!!!!!
The hellmouth is gone, destroyed, because of a bleached blonde vampire. But what they don't know is that what darkness fears, is still here. Still kicking around under all the debris they caused.

A few rocks begin to move and a hand shoots out. Perfect looking and not dirty at all.

"They think they've won. They think they've defeated me. I'm still here..."

The rocks begin to unpile as a person rises out.

"And not done with you all yet!" I looked around and could see nothing in the darkness. Everything was gone. My army was destroyed because of that stupid vampire. They vanished like they were nothing. How could I have lost?

"They destroyed them all. I was so...close." I looked down and watched the wound disappear. The blood faded just like the figment it was. It was fun until she got up. How dare she get back up!

"Much better." I look up and can hear footsteps. Life? Seems someone is up above.

"I can hear you!" I begin to walk and stop at a huge stone that was perfectly positioned upwards to what you could consider the ceiling.

"A way up? How kind. I'll have to thank you Spike. Personally." I jumped up and began to crawl along the rock. All that I could think about was what I last saw. My army being destroyed by that laughing vampire and the Slayer getting away; fleeing for her life along with all of the others. But I got some of her pathetic followers.

"Buffy thinks I'm gone and destroyed now doesn't she? She's going to have a rude awakening soon. Very soon." I stopped and listened. Men were talking about what could've happened here. Humans, so naive. It'll be so much fun to rip their skin off and watch their blood spill everywhere.

"I'll tell you foolish humans, I did." I hissed as I jumped back down and a dust cloud rose around me.

"I'm not a manifestation anymore Slayers! You may have stopped my army Buffy, but the war is just beginning. I got what I wanted and now it's time to play with the full set of cards. You better be prepared." I turned around and an image flashed in my head of the human-demon I came in contact with.

"I wonder if he's found what I need?" As I layed down here, my body under the rubble, I reached out and encountered him somehow. His dark pleasure filled me with such excitement when I talked to him. He was so stubborn and an easy thing to munipulate. I'm glad that he decided to see things my way or I would've had to kill him.

But how did I? I was defeated. My time was blown to pieces. I shouldn't be here but somehow I am. Somehow this foolish creature, Chaos, brought me back to this world or at least helped me. I don't know how but he's useful to me right now. But later on, I'll throw him away like yesterday's trash.

"I'll have to thank you when I see you in person Chaos...which will be very soon."
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
10:09 pm
Sample post!
I felt this strange sensation. A feeling? Yes. I had a feeling and I knew exactly what it was. Finally, it's time! Time for...

"Day to become night and the prophecy comes true." I walked out of the darkness with my harbrings and smiled a delightful smile. This form was so innocent but dirty at the same time. How she lasted so long is beyond my imagination. She was such a bitch and useless as The Slayer. She should've took some pointers from that other one. But too late, she's where she belongs. In hell!

"Too bad you're dead...Buffy Summers." I hissed as I could feel the sun disappearing. It was time. My time to finally do what was meant to be. I'll find the knife and watch their blood drip below my feet, feeding me as I grow and become flesh. Then when they've bled just enough, I'll snap their necks and eat their flesh off their bones.

"Go to Sunnydale and find the Kar'rathmanar! If you can't, I'll rip out your heart and feed it to you. Understand?" I watched as my Bringers fled the dark cavern and disappeared out of my sight. As they disppeared, I felt the barrier holding me in here shatter.

"Freedom!" I snapped my fingers and disappeared, reappearing in the destroyed highschool in Sunnydale. The power was exilerating.

"Welcome to the hellmouth." I leaned down and watched my hand go right through the concrete. I could feel the power of this wonderful place. It was good to be here, finally. I've been waiting so long for this to happen and now, it has. I'm free and I'm not holding back. I attempted to do what I wanted with Angel. I played nice but not this time. No, not at all. He resisted once but not this time. The Slayer's friends will pay for her insulance. They'll all pay. Every human will pay.

"Their blood will spill and I will rise flesh and blood, spreading evil throughout this world like a disease. Nothing will be safe from my ruine of destruction and darkness. Humans will be devoured and forgotten. Nothing will be safe. Nothing! I'll rip the flesh off of every humans body and slurp it back as their last breath leaves their body, just so they can watch me devour every piece of them." I walked out of the debris area and walked slowly down the street.

It'll be glorious. The world will be covered in skeletons! Buffy's friends skulls will cover my thrown, while her skull itself will be wrapped around my neck like a diamond necklace. Oh, it will be fun.

I'm here Sunnydale and I'll make each and every one of the Slayers friends pay. They think that the white hats can always save the day. Wrong, not this time. No, not this time at all!
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
11:25 pm
I disappeared away from both of them quickly. Spike and Faith. Outcasts trying to make redemption for what they've done. Pathtic.

Spike, Ahhhh...Wonderful Spike. It's not time for him yet, not at all. He'll soon meet me and my wrath. I'll screw him up so bad, he'll wish he stayed dead.

*Laughs a bit*

I think I'll just relax for the time being until my wonderful new slave- I mean companion, calls for me. Or, I'll just find someone to mess around with. Cause some trouble in this damned town.

I have so much to do and all the time in the world to do it.


...Once I find the Seal, nothing will stand in my way. Nothing.

*Dust whisks around a swing and causes it to move*

I'll just relax and wait.
Monday, July 12th, 2004
12:07 am
*Buffy walks out of the darkness and faces the huge, black door*

Freedom. *Punches at the door* So close, yet so far. How could I be trapped here, when I should be up there!

*Turns around and disappears, reappearing in front of the Turok-Han statue*

We'll be free, I promise. Once blood spills and pools down here, below where no one see's. I promise.

*Turns and faces a burning torch, playing with the flames*

Once the blood falls, the seals will break. But, Sunnydale is where the rest of my babies are. I'll come to them. I can hear them call.

*Smacks the torch down onto the ground*

Soon enough those little brats will feel my wrath!

*Turns, transforms into dust and falls to the ground*
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