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In the cherry blossom's shade,there's no such thing as a stranger.

Stop and smell the roses!

Aeris Gainsborough
7 February
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Requested Character: Aeris Gainsborough
Character's Age: 17
If in school, Character's Grade/Year: Junior in highschool
If not, Character's Occupation:

Character's Personality: Aeris is kind, caring, and extremely outgoing. She is very friendly to everyone around her, as long as they seem like a "good guy." Aeris likes to plant flowers all over Jenova, in fact, it has become a regular hobby. She likes to think that it will make at least one persons day better. Her style of clothing is usually very conservative, but pink is a must. Aeris is an honour student, and is working her way through high school to become a nurse, but anything that involves helping people would be fine by her. Tends to make friends with a wide variety of people. Has a slight heir of mystery about her...

Character's Sexuality: ~Very~ openminded, not to the point of being kinky, but she sure does border it..Really likes romance, shows a caring love towards all beings.
Character's Living Conditions: She lives in a normal "white picket fence" type of house outside of downtown Jenova, away from the slums but still very close. She lives with her foster mom, who she gets along great with. There is a huge garden in her yard. She's not at her house very often though, she likes to visit her "special place" in the run down church.
Anything extra?: (o.o phew...I typed alot..ahem.) Aeris comes off as being sort of a hippie, but those who get to know her see that she's just a caring flower girl....