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____@# a LOVE like THiS is hard to EXPLAiN #@____

9 December
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  • d0rkiee britt

so0o un_prettyful

     THE GiRL;  my name is brittney but most of the time everyone just calls me britt. i`m 16 and from hamtramck michigan which is a tiny lil city inside detroit. i`m a senior *o4* in high school at a small private school called st. clement. i transferred there this year because my school of 11 years closed. i try and be as athletic as possible but the only school sport that i play is volleyball. when i`m just chillin with friends i`m up ta any game ya wanna play.  YOU KNOW MY STYLE;  blonde hair . green eyes . 5'6 . tan . abercrombie . american eagle . aeropostale . tank tops . tube socks . short shorts . hoodies . visors . adidas . doc martins . flip flops . makeup.  GOTTA BE;  friendly . outgoing . bitchy . honest . sensitive . trusting . lazy . loving . caring . loud . hyper . determined . impatient . strong . happy . d0rky . spontaneous . daring . wild.    TURN ME ON;  lip gloss . anf . ae . aero . summer . clubs . dancing . singing . volleyball . disney . kisses . simple plan . cuddling . shopping . love . good charlotte . sleeping . roller coasters . josh hartnett . dogs . mashed potatoes . beaches . bracelets . movies . music . bowling. mest .    TURN ME OFF;  spiders . heights . clowns . bitches . fake people . joqqers . stuck ups . sea food . racism . players . mountain dew . green . reeses . dishonesty . ignorance . backstabbers.    TiLL THE END;  i love my friends. they help me make it through each day. without them i would be nowhere. vendettas, __iridescent, kimieebabii, missixty, paperthinheart, sarah, vera, meagan, eric, monika, brad, greg, ariana, dave, bryan, roger, noelle, tegan, lucia, hannah, munafo, chris, andy, cantea, krysten, aj, jenny, dessi, jennifer, adam, lance, curtis .etc.    STATZ;  ? HOLLER atta PiMP! i really despise my ex boyfriend eric, as far as i am concerned he can jump up my ass, kiss every fucking inch of it, fall in and never come back out. FUCK YOU! anywayz ;D I kinda have a lotta feelings for someone i previously dated but he is currently dating someone, its been a year. we broke up almost a year ago and i havent felt for anyone the way i felt for him. just hope he realizez that before he leaves for college. ;[    THE JOURNAL;    this journal is a more private journal so it is friends only. it contains a lot of different things that i wouldn`t want just anyone to read. it may offend some people and so i made this for that sole purpose, to have a little more privacy if you want you can try and comment to see if you will be added but you might wanna try ay my public journal which is d0rkiee first.  DAiLY READS;  angelicmeg vendettas, kimieebabii, __iridescent, missixty + more ;D