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So Im really bored and tired.

Went by Ralphs at 2 when I was supposed to. Apparently Kyle got a little confused with his days yesterday. He wasn't there, and both Robb and Cheryl were in meetings. I'm thinking he thought thursday was really friday at 'tomorrow' was saturday in his mind. So I'm gonna have to give him the what-for tomorrow. Hah.

My eyes are like the coolest color blueish green. Just thought I'd share that.

The weather here is so nice lately. We're talkin high 80s. I wish it could stay like this forever...

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Today was fun. Well, lunch and on anyways. 5th/Algebra was lovely because Emily and Kristina stayed outside and talked like Turnsey told them they could. Nice and quiet... Skipped English. It was ok with Hauge, which was neato frito. "helped" Tamara paint her Edvard Munch painting thing. I did like two brush strokes. Go me.
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So yes, that was Art, er, English.

Bible was fun. We played boppity-bop-bop-bop. Confusing game, but very fun. Tyler and Erik are complete dorks. It was sooo funny though. Couldn't stop laughing for 45 minutes. I like laughing...

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Hi there.

I'm starting to not want to leave my school. I've grown to like the people at my school. True theres some sour apples, but I've spent the past FOUR years with these people. Since 7th grade. That's a long time. I may be somewhat shy, but I plan on using my camera to it's full extent this last few weeks.

What is the point in having a crush? It almost seems like having a crush means that you have no chance with them, that they never notice you in that way. I'm not talking about myself in particular, but I have friends with crushes on guys and I don't know, I can just tell they look right past them. Having a crush just seems useless. I know its in our hormones and such, but...
Why not let love find you? You always find it when you're not looking for it, and when you are you never can find it.

Why does this world have to be so confusing?
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copy and paste into the comments section be brutally honest!
Sarah is ______.
Sarah thinks ______.
i want Sarah to ______ me.
if I were alone in a room with Sarah I would ______.
i think Sarah should ______.
Sarah needs ______.
Sarah reminds me of ______.
i want to buy ______ for Sarah.
if I could describe Sarah in one word it would be ______.
Sarah will never ______.
Sarah can ______.
i hope Sarah ______.
i ______ Sarah because ______.
the best thing about Sarah is ______.
the worst thing about Sarah is ______.
i am ______ to Sarah.
Sarah is my ______.
to make Sarah better when she is sick, I will ______.
everyone ______ Sarah.
i would never ______ Sarah.
Sarah is ______ like a ______.
Sarah puts too much pride towards ______.
i am ______ with Sarah.
my favorite body part on Sarah is her ______.
if I had a nickname for Sarah it would be ______.
i would love to spend ______ with Sarah.
if there was one thing I would say to Sarah right now it would be ______.
Sarah is a bad ______.
Sarah sucks at ______.
Sarah is good at ______.
Sarah has the worst ______.
Sarah can always ______.
i will never ______ with Sarah.
i can’t help but ______ Sarah.
i want to ______ Sarah.
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