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..the ending's the same..


24 September 1988
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deadnothingness - That's my real journal - this is just my writing journal.
For my fan fiction, my random poetry.. just shit.


If you'd like to check me out on FanDomination.net I am here: xxRapeMeAgain



Slash parings I've written so far,
in which you can find the stories in this journal:

Jesse Lacey/Vinnie Accardi - (Brand New)
Jesse Lacey/Adam Lazzara - (Brand New/Taking Back Sunday)
Jesse Lacey/Conor Oberst - (Brand New/Bright Eyes)
Jesse Lacey/John Nolan - (Brand New/Straylight Run)
Adam Lazzara/John Nolan - (Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way - (My Chemical Romance)
Gerard Way/Bert McCracken - (My Chemical Romance/The Used)
Joel Madden/Benjamin Madden - (Good Charlotte)
Benjamin Madden/Quinn Allman - (Good Charlotte/The Used)
Benjamin Madden/Nick Wheeler - (Good Charlotte/All-American Rejects)
Conor Oberst/Billy Martin - (Bright Eyes/Good Charlotte)
Vinnie Accardi/Bam Margera - (Brand New/Jackass/Viva La Bam)
Vinnie Accardi/David Desrosiers - (Brand New/Simple Plan)
Kurt Cobain/Dave Grohl - (Nirvana)
Sid Wilson/Paul Gray/Chris Fehn - (Slipknot)
Corey Taylor/James Root - (Slipknot)
Corey Taylor/Sid Wilson - (Slipknot)
Joey Jordison/James Root - (Slipknot)
Corey Taylor/Chris Fehn - (Slipknot)
Justin Freckleton [a.k.a: Hollywood]/Mike Ness - (Pistol Grip/Social Distortion)
Gerard Way/Bam Margera (My Chemical Romance/Viva La Bam/Jackass)
Sonny Moore/Frankie Iero (From First To Last/My Chemical Romance)
Vinnie Accardi/Mikey Way - (Brand New/My Chemical Romance)
Geoff Rickly/Gerard Way - (Thursday/My Chemical Romance)

I'm sure more will spark at any time.



fght ff yr dmns.
wrt sngs n yr slp.
sng n yr slp.

fight yr dmns.

your DEMONS.