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"Until The Sun"

and who the hell are you anyway?
coming into my life like that...
with your scene skullie and charisma.
running your fingertips across my skin
and whispering this and that.
who the hell are you?
biting at my skin and calling me your friend...
pulling me further in.
i'm not too sure how to act anymore,
and i'm not too sure if the ache in my throat
has reason to even be there.
who the hell are you?
you resemble the night sky,
and me? the stars.
i fall over your canvas and paint something memorable,
something red, something blury.
i walk from your cave to mine.
who the hell are you?
coming into my life like that...
[wiL Francis]

"...I need to know the nector was worth the squeeze."


I call upon the deadly disease of blasphemy...
Bring out the locusts,
sing me a song.
I can hear you...
Singing the same thing over and over again.
"...it's okay to hate yourself,
just lie still, don't cry for help."

Plagiarism on your behalf.
Speak in curses but maintain sanity.


I call upon the deadly disease of sin...
Pull on your boots and take heavy steps down
the hallway; make yourself noticed.

I call upon the deadly disease of filth...
The filth that lies deep inside of me.
In the pit of my stomach,
at the back of my throat,
on the tips of my fingers,
on the small of my back.
Are there consequences to look forward to?
Because I feel dangerous today.
I feel like I could match my fists with yours.


I call upon the deadly disease of life...
I'm in love with demoralization.
My bedroom floor has rotted from the bottom up,
and I'm burning your photos one by one.
I've nothing left to give you.
I'm your dying dove...


I call upon the deadly disease of 3 A.M...
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[wiL Francis]



where did you go?
that day soundly sleeping,
...only to be found hours later, not breathing.
where did you go?
was your head okay?
was your heart heavy?
were you thinking straight?
a demon inside of you named Joker...
did he get the best of you?
did he laugh at you?
did you weep?
where did you go?
did you try to move?
did you try to scream?
did the demon get into your soul?
...did the pills fill the hole?
but now...now there is no more sleeping,
no more weeping, no more demon.
the screaming eases off into silence
as the ghost is given up the light bathes over the body
and you recieve the Gold Chariot straight from God himself.
January rain devours Manhattan and all voices blur together
in suffocating questions of "why?"
but answers never come.
the days continue on.

Heath Andrew Ledger
April 4, 1979 - January 22, 2008
[wiL Francis]

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[ .high school fic. ]

Title: "Knock Me Down, Pick Me Up"
Chapter: [1]
By: me; Ivy / _precious_fear
Coupling: Mikey Way and Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance)
Rating: R - [eventual] drug use / language / violence / slash.
Description: Mikey was just minding his own business until he met the new kid.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Mentions of: Sonny Moore (of From First To Last), Bert McCracken and Quinn Allman (of The Used), John Nolan and Michelle Nolan (of Straylight Run), Adam Lazzara (of Taking Back Sunday), and Jesse Lacey and Vinnie Accardi (of Brand New)

Knock Me Down, Pick Me Up - [chapter 1]Collapse )
[wiL Francis]

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a fucking slap in the face,
and the tears sting my eyes.
my throat tightens
and my lips quiver.
but, for a split moment,
i'm laughing and curling
up in sheets with a mind
full of memories.
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[wiL Francis]

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...so fucking sad,
the life you wasted.
knives as your best friend,
freezers to serve you for an all too
hateful purpose.
but through it all,
through all the sickness you suffered
and the hate you lashed out with,
i can see beauty.
i can see love.
i can see it.
you're called a monster...
i call you a blessing.
a blessing?
blessed be, you are the damned,
cast into fire,
bound and tortured as you did to so many others.
experience the sorrow
from where you lay in the dirt.
listen for the cries,
ignore the lies,
and breathe.
...and breathe.
cast a horrid shock over the world
with a blink of your eyes.
contact the president and
laugh in his face.
and breathe.
...and breathe.
stars fade and are not of conversation.
but you remain.
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[wiL Francis]

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"Nineteen Minutes And Eleven Seconds"

...does this mean a thing to you?
the lost, whispered promises that you
once made, now all faded into fog
that rises up from the lake,
and into the dark sky.
...do you regret a thing?
the false hopes,
the faked smiles,
the fucking tears shed over you.
...but, can you even hear me at all?
can you hear me screaming at the top of my lungs,
screaming in your face,
screaming for an answer,
screaming...screaming for fucking acknowledgement.
you laugh in my face
and spit a few words of blaspheme my way.
you're falling so hard...
so fucking hard, kid, and I promise
I will not be there to catch you.
...not this time?
...not this time.
I'll let go of your hand,
suck it up like a big girl,
and move on.
I'm a big girl,
I'm a big girl,
I'm a big girl...
I'm a bleeding girl.
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[wiL Francis]

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Note: A lot of people have asked me to continue this story, so I'm finally going to try. I didn't mean to just...stop, after chapter two. I just kind of lost interest, but I'd really like to finish it. I can't start something and not finish. It may take me some time, but. It'll get done. Eventually.

Title: “Morose”
By: me; Ivy / _precious_fear
Coupling: Jesse Lacey (of Brand New) and Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) - although, they're not really coupled together in the story. ...yet.
Rating: PG-ish for now.
Description: Jesse and Conor, past lovers, write to one another long after their split. [...I don't do descriptions.]
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Dedication: To _rad_x_core_ - just because. I use the word "radcore" in real life all the time, and well, she rocks.

[chapter 1] A Wretch Like Me
[chapter 2] Selfishly Sick

[chapter 3] MoroseCollapse )
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