Winter break

I literally lost weight in these last two weeks, and now that I've seen the proof I believe why everybody keeps saying that. Turns out grad school is the best diet you can do! *snickers*

I'll be of to San Fransico and Los Angeles for my winter break. Couldn't stand the East Coast chill, that is. Been there, done that in Buffalo and that's enough. And nowadays Norfolk is, though sans snow, constantly around 48 deg F. San Fran, be nice and less foggy!

Then after that (now this is the most important part), I'm off to Orlando for some more heat and the sun. Disney World, wait for me!

I'm planning a New Year postcard spree, so anyone wants me to send you one, let me know.


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I'm never the good student.

I major in procrastination with a minor in daydreaming and time-wasting.

My friends said I might have an ADD. I don't think so. I can concentrate and write excellent papers, thank you. It's just that I get bored easily. Now I find something that is more interesting than my major. (Is it a sign that says my major isn't my passion? I don't know.

The bottom line: I still don't know what I want.

I think I need professional help.


Anyone here reads Ajahn Brahm?

So... who is this man?

I first knew him from my brother, who is an avid reader of his books, and became interested in his writing myself. He mostly used story to convey his message of inner peace and happiness, but which Great Teachers don't do that? At first I got the impression that he's a happy-go-lucky monk with an easy smile, or a Westerner who's simply find his way on a road that the Western world couldn't offer, but it's what enables him to reach out to people: that we are looking for happiness because we don't realize it's in us.

Here's one of my favorite quotes of his:

"For everything that has happened, thank you. For everything that will happen, alright."