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22 May

» Basics
Casey; 14; May 22nd; has a twin named Chelsea; gemini; American; chinese food; honest; naive; childish; semi perfect; feminist; Harry Potter lover/addict; Daniel Radcliffe Lover, over obsessee, computer lover, internet addict, aims low, depressed, brunette, shy, loves music & movies.

» Introduction
basically, Im a 15 year old girl from Maryland. I was born and raised there. Im currently in the 10th grade and is into acting and dancing. Im currently being homeschooled and is learning how to be independent. I also bitch a lot about my life etc. I love learning new things; likes webdesign and coding. I love having a website. Im a Vortex MB fan. So go join! join here.

» Lastly
© Casey 2004. All rights reserved.
If you want to be added please comment. Beware I like to add people if I like the way their journals look. Please take that as a compliment.

My diary is locked.