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eeky godiva
12 May 1976
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this is moi
old picy it is
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im a vj/dj in the west london and surounding areas uk.
im constantly looking for new musicians who want air time.adrenaline fuel pact darkness for our demented pleasures thoughts and wishes.
im honest ,grumpy,insane ,and can be someones worst nightmare im not looking for relationships where there are meetings.im aloner and like that way.
i love sopor aeternus,the melvins,some ebm,punk,goth,death metal,classical,dark ambient,electro,some medeval,vampires,the dead,ghosts,haunted houses,,which i work in many.
eccentric people.
im an ex model and musician,(couldnt be fucked going back cause of the trouble woking with other people can be.i dont drink ,do drugs ,i paint and i love studying anything on politics and humanists.i used to be a human rights activist.
our station broadcasts anything from techno to old school punk and the most creepy dark wave going.
drop me a line if any of you play or have some sounds you would like to have air play.