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why can't we be happy on our own?
13 Tired

what is it about the green today?
happy day. what a good day.
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Japan.Collapse )

17 Tired

!!! [November.16.Sunday_@_9:58pm]
laurenlikerobot: i think my fish is going to die:-(
laurenlikerobot: :'(
NutronLUVSvortex: give him some medicine
laurenlikerobot: they dont have fishy medicine?
NutronLUVSvortex: yah they do
NutronLUVSvortex: is he byhimself?
laurenlikerobot: well i dont have any
laurenlikerobot: yeah he is
NutronLUVSvortex: maybe he needs a friend
NutronLUVSvortex: of the fish persuasion
laurenlikerobot: but i gave him a friend and she died. and he got sad. and i got sad. so i said no thats not a good idea.
NutronLUVSvortex: maybe hes not into chix
laurenlikerobot: haha, oh well... maybe not
NutronLUVSvortex: did you feed him?
laurenlikerobot: i feed him twice a day
laurenlikerobot: maybe hes constipated
NutronLUVSvortex: possibly

& this is starting over.
13 Tired

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