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_poeticrelapse's Journal

21 May
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♥ I drew a heart around the name of your city ♥
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♥ The above picture is artwork by Kurt Halsey ♥

Dominique . 19 . Journalism Major

Addicted to; Kurt Halsey, Family Guy, Adult Swim, A nime, Cartoons,
Photography, Art, Pactrick Star, Music, Poetry, Shinny Things, Rainbows,
World Of Warcraft, Sega, AIM, Johnny Depp, long shaggy emo hair, Converse,
Going to shows, The color purple, My kitty: Pearl T.W (Tidleywinks) :),
NASCAR, Slinkies, Glowsticks, Piercings, Penguins

Music Wise; Atreyu, Thursday, Mudvayne, Ramstein, Brand New, Daphne Loves Derby,
Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Underoath, Thrice, Armor For Sleep, Coheed and Cambria,
Hoobstank, Gratitude,The Used, Hot Hot Heat, Chevelle, Fallout Boy, Taking Back Sunday,
Funeral For a Friend, Saosin, Drowning Pool, Finch, Killswitch Engage, My Chemical Romance,
The Killers, Three Days Grace, Hot Action Cop, Godsmack, Tool, Bright Eyes

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