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I haven't been on a register in over a week. I've been doing that ambassador job. It's beginning to make me crazy. Considering all I do is walk around the store for 5 or 8 hours...I sing songs to myself and hum and drag my legs once I start becoming tired. They told me that the reason why I was chosen to do this is because I have a personality. Maybe it's time to start pretending that I have no personality whatsoever.

Lisa is going stir crazy.
where is my mind


We got very lucky this afternoon. John and I went to take out the trash and he was going to walk with me to work, and we noticed that there was a free seat and love seat couch sitting there next to the dumpster. We've been trying to look for free futons and couches on craigslist, but we don't have the right vehicle. We decided to take the love seat. It's a small couch, and it fits really well. It looks totally fine and a nice color. How could we not take it?! Now we have another very useful (and free) piece of furniture in our home.

So what I've been doing at work lately is being the "ambassador" All I do is walk around the store for 5 hours and ask people if they need help. It is so so so boring, and a total waste of my time, but at least I'm getting paid to basically do nothing. At least it gives me the chance to do my grocery shopping, since all I do is wander around and look at things on the shelf.
where is my mind


I really didn't have time to post this last night, so I hope you can forgive me. But I swear to you I took this picture last night after work.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I had switched my hours with someone at work. I was supposed to work in the morning, but wasn't scheduled to come in until 3. Of course, I get called to come in at noon. Quelle surprise! John and I run into CiCi and Luke on our way in to the store. This is like something that would happen on the south side, and now it happened on the north side. I still think that is quite funny.

I worked for 8 hours and after work, Gary came over and we hung out with Luke, CiCi, and this guy, Steve, who was house sitting. We had a bon fire and sips of whiskey to keep us warm.

So these people, who Steve was house sitting for, has this huge dog. I've never seen anything like this dog, I swear. It was the biggest dog I've ever seen in my life. If it were able to stand on it's hind legs, it could probably be as tall as John. No joke. And he kept humping Luke all night. Quite a funny sight to see.

I'm tired. Work makes me tired. I work everyday. I'm surprised I still have the energy to do this project because I don't seem to have energy to do anything at all.

And now I get to spend my Easter at Jewel-Osco for the 5th year in a row. Yay.

(Today's picture will be coming shortly.)
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I'm sick and tired of having to please people. I do what I do because it is beneficial to me. I have people asking me why I haven't attempted to get a job in photography, which is not the case at all. I've applied to several places and shown my portfolio, and some times, people are not looking for the type of work that I do, which is fine. I've had people suggest that I do wedding photography and taking pictures of kids and pets and whatever else. Like I haven't thought of all of this already. I have a job. Yes, it's not the greatest job, but it is a job. And you know what, I make some good money now. I get benefits and good experiences, the whole shebang. I obviously will not stay there for the rest of my life; it is clearly not my passion. But for the time being, it works out pretty damn well for me.

I may have passed up on opportunities, but who the hell hasn't done that? I feel that I have done a lot with my work. I've been in 5 galleries, been published, won awards and cash prizes, and I even published my own book. I mean, what more do you people want from me? Don't say that I'm not trying, because I am. Things like this take a lot of time and effort AND money. No one can understand the amount of work that I do, only I can. Everyone just likes to talk and talk and talk. Stop worrying about me, and worry about yourself.

I will be fine. And one day, I will have a job doing something that I love. Why is everyone in such a fucking rush? Everyone is too busy; everyone is on the go and saving this money for this thing. Everything has to be done right here, right now. JUST. SHUT. UP.
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After having moved here, I'm finding more and more opportunities for jobs. John and I went to Trader Joe's today to do our grocery shopping and noticed they had hiring signs posted. We talked to the cashier about applying and he suggested that we do it. He was giving us tips to get the job. Smile, be persistent, engage in conversation, etc. So after our order was through we headed over to the desk and picked up 2 applications. They are looking to hire people for all shifts, and weekends as well. They also stock shelves throughout the night, so if I chose to, I could work "overnight" hours.

I feel a bit like an asshole though, after having gone through all this transferring stuff. It would be a total slap in the face to the store director who took me on to work at the store. Also the fact that they're giving me a lot of hours and gave me a second job to do...I would feel terrible to just quit. But I guess I wouldn't feel too bad. I hate the company now, it's not what it used to be, but I wouldn't want to screw over the people. They are already having a hard time filling certain positions and shifts, which is exactly why I get a lot of hours. If I could work at both places, I totally would. I just highly doubt that Trader Joe's would take me on since I work at another grocery store. They might view that as a competition.

Then I was looking on their website and noticed that a location nearby was looking for a sign artist. I would definitely love to do that. I think that would basically be a dream job. Go into work and draw and color...how awesome would that be?! It would like...not even feel real.

So people of the internet, and friends...I really need your advice.
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My new store is weird. For one thing, the money drawer is in a different spot than usual. It's over to the side, instead of being right in front of me. The self-checkout terminals are also quite strange. So much different than the ones at my previous store, they're also slow and lag a lot.

For about the first 2 hours, I wasn't given an operator number to log onto the register, so I had to keep calling over the supervisor to help me.

I still haven't really met anyone. Some people came up to me and asked me if I was here temporarily, so I guess they didn't care at first to meet me, but once I told them I had transferred, they became a bit more interested in my story. It seems like the younger crew starts later during the day, so maybe as the days go on I can actually talk to somebody and make a new friend! Ahhh. I just want people to like me. I used to be the head honcho at my other store, and now, I feel so belittled here.

When I was walking out of the building to go home, this guy yelled out in the parking lot, "Hi new Jewel-Osco employee!""What's up?" I had no idea who he was, and how he knew that I was new there, but hahaha it made me laugh.

Anyway, today is John and I's official 2 year anniversary. We like to think that we really started dating on New Years Day, but he asked me to be his girlfriend on March 9, 2008, so we go by that. Luckily, I don't get out too late tonight, so we can make dinner and watch Reaper.