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Oh, what? Another full-on portrait? Sometimes it's hard to be creative day in and day out. Sometimes I get focused on other things and can't make the time or the effort to do crazy things for my 365. I promise I will though. I have, what, 103 more days to go?
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Happy accidents.

I tried to be a little adventurous today considering I had a long weekend and am extremely exhausted. The shows were fun though, and I'm glad I got to go.

I've been spending time brainstorming what I'm going to do for my solo exhibition. I'm coming up with ideas here and there, but I certainly don't have much time. I wanted to really do something exciting and something different than just framing a photo and hanging it up on a wall. Unfortunately, I only have about 2 weeks to come up with ideas and make them happen while having to go to work everyday for several hours.

I hope something happens, and fast.
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I sometimes wonder where I will go after this lease is up. I would like to travel, but that may require me to quit my job. I can't imagine being jobless ever. I've been working for 5 years. It's all I've known. I've definitely held out on so many things because of it and I hate it for that reason.

I've been looking for some temp jobs and jobs that don't expect me to come into an office everyday. I've found a few freelance photo jobs, but who even knows if they're interested in my work. I've thought about serving jobs, but then they usually require experience. I hate that. How am I supposed to do any job if they want prior experience? Isn't that the reason why you get a job anyway? To learn and grow from that job? I feel like people are too quick to write others off. I once applied for a photo job that would have consisted of me taking photos of hotels and people who rent our their condos for those who are traveling. They shot me down because I don't have experience with shooting interior architecture or whatever bullshit reason they gave. I don't need experience when I feel like I've already mastered composition and lighting. But...I suppose this is the way the world works.
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Well-rested. Today feels like a good day, despite having work later, but it's okay. The weather has been much better it seems like. I feel like Fall is beginning to mark it's presence, which is good. I'm excited for Fall. The Summer is always nice, but not as nice as Fall. I'm excited to watch the trees on my block turn in fiery colors and drift from the branches onto the cars and streets. I began to appreciate Chicago Falls not too long ago. Summer was always my season because of the lack of school, the late nights, the hot weather, swimming and soaking up the sun, flowers and plants growing about...but Fall, there's something very special about it.
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I felt like I took my vacation at the right time. The weather has been pretty nice. I've also been able to get things done around my place and I have more time to run errands. I paid my bills today and I have the rent check all sealed up and ready to be slid into the slot downstairs. John, unfortunately, is at work even though this is supposed to be his vacation week as well. But...everything is fine.

I noticed that I spend most of my money on food. While that's a good thing, I sometimes think I go overboard with it. I love grocery shopping and cooking, so I would shop several times a week just to make new and interesting dishes on a daily basis. I think I should perhaps level things out. Or just keep things simple. This way, I won't feel like I'm wasting so much food. Our fridge was empty for the longest time until we did some shopping today, and I think today, compared to all the other days, we did a better job of only getting things we essentially will need, and what we eat the most.

I deserve a pat on the back.

Also, when I walked to my car, I found a nickel bag right on the passenger side lying on the ground. I think it's my lucky day!
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Almost at the 150 mark!

This morning was pretty insane. Our friend Gary came over last night and spent the night. In the morning, Gary and I went to go get his car so we could park it in a better place and when we got to it, there was not only a ticket on his window, but he also had a flat tire. So we basically spent the next 2 hours calling AAA and going to a tire store nearby and waiting for a tow truck. I believe he has everything all situated now. I'm glad it worked out okay, I was getting worried that it was going to be much more of a hassle.

John is at the animal shelter now with Anon getting a checkup. I hope he is able to come home soon since we have a lot to take care of. I have to deposit the money for the rent and pay the internet bill, and do all of this before 5pm, otherwise we're screwed. Happy first of the month!
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I finally watched 'Whip It' last night joined by CiCi and her other half. It was good. Kind of predictable, but I suppose most movies are that way. The movie made me want to join a Women's Roller Derby team. It looks like fun, and I can see myself knocking over girls one by one 'cause I'm tough like that.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be seeing a play "Ghosts of Treasure Island" that John's cousin is in. His cousin is a big theater guy and is always preforming in plays in the city. I hear this show is really good, so I'm looking forward to it. Afterwards, we're going to a French restaurant where they will be handing out free french style hot dogs in celebration of the Fete du Travail (which is like the French version of Labor Day). A long beef hot dog stuffed into a baguette smothered in mustard. Mmm. After that, who knows. Maybe that Synergism party at Kinetic. We shall see...but for now, I must get through these 2 days of work. I can do this!
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Yesterday at work I was given the opportunity by my manager to work in the grocery department. Said they needed an extra person to do code stuff, I really don't know what it entails, but apparently I will have to be incredibly thorough. That kind of scares me, but at the same time, I guess I wouldn't mind trying something different. After all, being a cashier can get very old, very quickly. Too many grumpy people to have to deal with. It amazes me sometimes how busy this store can be, even on a weekday.

So I will be going in on Friday morning, which now equals to 30 hours this week. I'm going to be rolling in the dough, my friends. Maybe not...
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My new store is weird. For one thing, the money drawer is in a different spot than usual. It's over to the side, instead of being right in front of me. The self-checkout terminals are also quite strange. So much different than the ones at my previous store, they're also slow and lag a lot.

For about the first 2 hours, I wasn't given an operator number to log onto the register, so I had to keep calling over the supervisor to help me.

I still haven't really met anyone. Some people came up to me and asked me if I was here temporarily, so I guess they didn't care at first to meet me, but once I told them I had transferred, they became a bit more interested in my story. It seems like the younger crew starts later during the day, so maybe as the days go on I can actually talk to somebody and make a new friend! Ahhh. I just want people to like me. I used to be the head honcho at my other store, and now, I feel so belittled here.

When I was walking out of the building to go home, this guy yelled out in the parking lot, "Hi new Jewel-Osco employee!""What's up?" I had no idea who he was, and how he knew that I was new there, but hahaha it made me laugh.

Anyway, today is John and I's official 2 year anniversary. We like to think that we really started dating on New Years Day, but he asked me to be his girlfriend on March 9, 2008, so we go by that. Luckily, I don't get out too late tonight, so we can make dinner and watch Reaper.