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where is my mind


I wonder what it is that make people so grumpy. What makes people so closed off and angry? Obviously this is a rhetorical question. I may never know.

I really could've used a friend today. I really could've used someone to talk to. I feel like I'm growing very distant from many of my friends, but I have no way of controlling everything, even though I wish I could. I'm tired of being looked as the bad guy especially when I find myself in these sorts of situations. Why is it so hard for people to admit their mistakes? Why is it so hard for people to apologize for something they did? Again, it's all rhetorical...I may never know.

And this is why I love bubble baths. To take my mind off of such matters.
where is my mind


I felt like I took my vacation at the right time. The weather has been pretty nice. I've also been able to get things done around my place and I have more time to run errands. I paid my bills today and I have the rent check all sealed up and ready to be slid into the slot downstairs. John, unfortunately, is at work even though this is supposed to be his vacation week as well. But...everything is fine.

I noticed that I spend most of my money on food. While that's a good thing, I sometimes think I go overboard with it. I love grocery shopping and cooking, so I would shop several times a week just to make new and interesting dishes on a daily basis. I think I should perhaps level things out. Or just keep things simple. This way, I won't feel like I'm wasting so much food. Our fridge was empty for the longest time until we did some shopping today, and I think today, compared to all the other days, we did a better job of only getting things we essentially will need, and what we eat the most.

I deserve a pat on the back.

Also, when I walked to my car, I found a nickel bag right on the passenger side lying on the ground. I think it's my lucky day!