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where is my mind


So, I've completely abandoned this thing since finishing my project. I will update you all, that is, if you haven't been following me already on my Tumblr. If you're not, then I suggest you do that straight away.

It's been about...nearly 2 months since my last post. I've been creating works of art in my living room from paintings to magazine paper portraits to drawings with colorful markers. I've been getting down with my bad self and seeing live shows, drinking beer and other fun drinks. I've been hanging out with my friends and planning trips to take for the summer. I renewed my lease for another year. I was considering moving to Cali, but I will have to save that for another time. I've been taking photos with my film camera. I felt like I neglected it for an entire year because I was so concerned about getting that photo of the day out there on a daily basis. It feels really, really nice to take a break from that. I want to venture out and do different things like I said. I'm looking for another job constantly. I was promoted. I get a little more hours than I used to, so that is definitely helping out. I'm still planning on getting this turtle tattoo on my ribcage, and have been actively seeking for the right artist to draw it on my body. My hair is still dark brown and I think I'm going to attempt to dread it again, especially if I don't get hired for these jobs I've been eyeing. I'm really looking forward to the summer season more than ever. I'm also still knitting and making jewelry to sell on my Etsy page. I still have not yet completed all that, but I am constantly working. I've been reading a lot; my goal is to read 23 books this year. If you have suggestions on what I should pick up, please leave it in the comments section. I have been tobacco free for about a month now. I'm still playing my bass and was even invited to join a friend's band as their bassist haha...how cool would that be.

Oh, and also, I signed up to participate in this Focus Project 2011 contest deal. You should vote for me so I could possibly win money or even a trip to NYC. It would really be a dream come true as you know, but I'm really not expecting to win at all. I just want to try it out and have a little fun with it. Vote for me if you haven't already. One vote per day...so if you wanna stay committed to that then...by all means. Thanks everyone. See you soon.