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Today was quite an adventure! We went to Mellow Mushroom, which is a fairly popular pizza place. We tried the Hawaiian pizza and red potato pizza, both very delicious. I visit a store called Earthbound that was your typical hippie store. Lots of interesting and unique clothing, pretty bags, jewelry, amongst other things. We drove over to the Battery. It's basically a place where a lot of rich people live in these extravagant homes. Lots of color, and trees, plants, and a lot of old, beautiful homes. Later, we visit Folley Beach, which is about a 15 minute drive from Charleston. The water was surprisingly still warm. I found a sand dollar that didn't have any imprefections whatsoever, as well as other beautiful sea shells. Finally got to dip my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Took a lot of pictures and picked a wildflower.

Tonight, we're going to see an orchestra that will be playing Radiohead songs. I'm very excited and it sounds like a lot of fun.

We're leaving tomorrow. I'm not ready at all to leave.
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Not the best picture, could definitely do better. I'm tired though, and I want to enjoy my vacation.

Today John and I took a walk to this French cafe. We had sandwiches and croissants and French press coffee. Delicious. I finally got a bass guitar that I've been wanting. I went to the pawn shop where I first saw this beauty. It was cheap too, I had to have it. Got a good deal on it too! Even better, oh, and it's purple!

OK Go was simply fantastic. I'm happy I got to see them in another city. Made this whole trip all worthwhile. All five of us: Allie, Colin, Elin, John, and I wore a bunch of glowsticks, I'm sure they enjoyed looking at us hahaha.

Tonight we're making pork tenderloin with potatoes and I think we're going to head out to Wet Willie's to get alcoholic slushies. So tempting...
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Woke up late after feeling kind of restless the past few days. It's funny...when you're on vacation, the thing you want to do most is to relax and sit around and take cat naps all day long. But then you decide to go to a city you've never been in before, and all you want to do it explore and go walking around all day long. Such a dilemma. After feeling well-rested, John and I headed out to a local coffee shop. Very nice and cozy inside. They also had this outdoor area with a lot of seating and ivy growing on the brick walls and lights hanging above. We sat outside and drank our coffees. Allie met up with us and we talked for quite a while. We went back home and played catch phrase. John and I eventually headed out so I could take this photo. I found OK Go's tour bus, who are playing tonight at the Music Farm, and I will be there watching them in all their glory. We walked over to this music/pawn shop on King St. I found a purple bass in the window for only $125, I'm actually thinking about purchasing it tomorrow after I get my paycheck.

Ahhh, I'm so excited for tonight! This will be my 9th or 10th time seeing them, I lost count.
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Technically, this is late, but I'm still on Chicago time. John and I spent the afternoon walking around Charleston with Allie and Colin. Got a lot of walking around in today. We went to a few cool vintage shops and other cutesy, colorful shops they have around here. Later, we went out to dinner at this Thai restaurant called Tasty Thai, which had the best pad see ew I've ever had, to be honest. Straight after that, we headed down the block to King St. Grille, where they had a trivia game going on. It was actually quite tough, and unfortunately we did not win, but we did pretty well for getting into the game late.

I wish I could remember more things that happened throughout the day, but I guess I'm still taking everything in. This photo was taken right outside Allie's apartment.
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Our first stop is Carbondale in Southern Illinois. We're visiting our friend, Gary, at school. We arrived in the early evening. I'm actually still quite tired. Then we're leaving early tomorrow and heading to South Carolina. Should get there within the day if we leave early enough. I'm quite excited and looking forward to it.

I've always wanted to travel somewhere while having this 365 day project as it would expand my horizons. What better time than now? I was beginning to get frustrated, but it always helps to go to a new locale. I might or might not be able to post tomorrow's picture. So don't freak out if you don't see it.
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John and I went to the Japanese Garden today. Perfect day for it.

I've been getting harassed by 800 calls for the past 3 days. Apparently they got a hold of my number and started calling me 10 times a day saying that I signed up for an online degree, which is not possible. My Facebook was also phished, sending out spam to 50 of my friends. Ridiculous. I won't write too much, since my cursor is going crazy again.