Tags: stuff i like and love

where is my mind


I love ginger ale.
I like drinking out of straws.
I love my green glasses.
I like playing touch screen Mah Jongg at this coffee shop called Ashbary's (which is where I'm going now).
I love cappuccinos.
I like smoking pot.
I like dancing in my room when no one is home.
I enjoy doing yoga.
I love to read.
I love good music.
I like being a sarcastic mother fucker (some people can't handle my humor, they just don't get it!).
I like to browse clothing websites like Karmaloop.com for hours.
I love buttery nipple shots.
I like Dell computers.
I love everything about The Matrix Trilogy.
I love expensive cameras and plastic cameras.
I love leopard print.
I love gin and tonics, my drink of choice. Always.
I love watching Project Runway and Top Chef. Also, the Food Network!
I love fashion photography and would love to do that one of these days.
I love sexy high heels even if I can't walk in them.
I love Pukka tea!
I love washing my hair with Organix Shampoos.
I like to dye my hair with henna and nothing but that.
I love stinky cheese.
I love the west coast and I wish I lived there dammit.
I love to cook!
I love the White Sox and the Blackhawks.

What about you?