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There's a blizzard out there. I was dressed and all ready to go to this art market downtown, and then I walked outside. The high winds brushed against me and pulled me in all different directions. My glasses were getting fogged up and it became more and more difficult to see. So, I ended up going to the local pizza restaurant and getting 2 huge "monster" slices as they call it, and sat at home watching a movie.

I feel bad for anyone who has to run errands and work today. Blehh. It looks pretty though. You can't really tell the blizzard that is happening at this moment in my photo, but you can see our happy faces.
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It's snowing again. Oi vey. I hope this all ends before I have to move, otherwise this will be a major pain.

I stayed out til 6am this morning, and I've been sleeping all day long. Felt like I was in a coma. Although I was able to wake up and catch the Olympics ice hockey game, USA v. Canada. USA won suckaaaas. That game was extremely intense in the last 3 minutes. My heart was in my throat!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very hectic week. I must start packing. I will have to pick up some boxes and start organizing all of my things. I think I will actually sell some stuff that I have, nothing too big, only certain things that I want to get rid of. So if anyone would be interesting in purchasing some of my previously used things, that would be awesome.
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It has been snowing in Chicago for hours and hours. We're expected to get about a foot of snow, which means play time. Which also means that I better be careful while driving.

I love snow, but this is going to get in the way of apartment shopping. We are definitely going to look more and stick with the same woman who has been showing us around. Hopefully, she has something up her sleeve. I'm beginning to get worried. I absolutely hate looking for apartments, so I need this to end soon.
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Isn't it wild how looking at a photograph can trigger an intense emotional response? I was looking back at my old photographs a few days ago, and I was amazed that I could remember that specific day and how I was feeling as if it happened yesterday. I guess you could say this is why I take self-portraits. It's a way for me to look back on my life. It's almost like keeping a journal, except done in a different way. I like these memories that I have created for myself.

You notice things in these photos. The way that your body has changed and how your face has changed, the clothes or the jewelry you were wearing, things in the background that you might not have noticed before. Don't you have a box of photos hidden in the back of your closet? I'm sure if you looked at them again you would have moments of laughter or sadness. It's healthy. People should do this more often.
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Colors. I feel like I understand colors extremely well. While I was in college, for the last year I was there, I took all art classes. I'm talking Drawing I & II, Painting I, Photography, Photographic Design, Computer Art, 2D Design, and Printmaking. Alas, I didn't make it through to the end in printmaking because my workload became too much to handle, and so I dropped that class. But, in all of these classes I learned some hardcore lessons in color. Since then, I haven't looked at color in the same way that I used to.

Because of this, I noticed that I started to wear colors a lot more and wear colors that were complimentary. My photos have a lot more color in them, as opposed to the usual B&W's. I'm embracing colors a lot more.

My favorite color of the moment is green. I love green. I love wearing it, I love buying things that have green in it, I love smoking it, I love laying in it, everything! It's a neutral, friendly color. It's very earthy and natural. Perhaps that's why I've grown to love it.

What's your favorite color, and why?
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A lot of people like to talk crap about winter, but you know what, I actually like it. Obviously no one likes the freezing temperatures or the lack of natural light - but there's some sort of charm to it. I like to think that I build up character by being able to stand the cold. A lot of you warm weathered residing folks don't understand. I could walk outside in 50 degree weather and it would feel like summer to me. When spring comes around, it's always such a nice relief, and I think to myself, "Wow, I can't believe I was strong enough to put up with that brutal weather!" Chicago has some pretty harsh winters, but they can also be very beautiful - that is, until the snow plows come around and the snow turns from pristine white to nasty slush.

I always have this feeling when winter approaches. I get excited. Snow can be a pain in the ass, but other times it can be amazing. One of my favorite memories was walking around downtown with my mother going Christmas shopping down Michigan Avenue and this light, fluffy snow started to fall out of nowhere. It was incredibly beautiful and I can remember it so vividly.

The lack of natural light? Yes, it can be a problem, but I enjoy the challenge of being able to experiment with different lighting tactics, which is what I've come across while doing this project. A year without the winter season would feel so strange to me. I've become so accustomed to having it. I like that live in a 4 season state because it's all a cycle. It's a cycle of death and rebirth, and to see this cycle happen right before my eyes is really quite astounding.

(I tried posting this last night, but LJ was down and I had a place to be. My friend is going to the Marines! Ahhhh! Crazy!)
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I've been playing a lot of Super Mario lately. Wii is a fun game system. I don't care if you elite gamers think I'm not a real gamer because I play Nintendo. I find all systems to be enjoyable for their own reasons. I love Nintendo because of Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, and all the other Mario games. I like that you can download games off of the internet and from like 5 different systems.

I love Sega for Sonic and Boogerman and I would play that Power Rangers game all day long with the Sega CD. Tom Jam and Earl is another favorite. I remember playing that in my apartment a lot whenever I got bored.

I love Playstation for introducing me to Spyro. That is probably my top favorite game of all time, next to Mah Jongg. I hear they're making a movie about Spyro, lolll I would totally go to the theater and watch that. Crash Bandicoot was the first playstation game I ever played. I wish they kept making more games. The last one I remember playing was the third one (Warped!) or maybe it was Crash Team Racing..

I'm not a big Xbox user, but I'm very fond of Doom. Although the original Doom game- I'm talking about computer disc, ID software style Doom- is obviously much better.

Does anybody remember Day of the Tentacle? I'm trying to get my hands on that. Can't find it anywhere.