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where is my mind


I was editing this post while watching "Blood Into Wine," which is a documentary about Maynard's (Tool) Winery. It's quite funny and interesting, so if you have Netflix, I highly recommend. Also, Tim and Eric is in it, doesn't get any better than that.

Siiigh, I have 3 days off of work. I better make these days interesting.
where is my mind


I really love participating in galleries and going to exhibitions and meeting people, but this gallery I'm working on for Monday has me swearing off galleries for good. Just within the past 2 days I spent over $160 dollars, which is practically most of my paycheck.

You begin to lose the whole fun in galleries when you're spending every dime on prints and matting/mounting. I was lucky enough to get my photos mounted for tomorrow, if the girl at the camera store wasn't so kind and wonderful, I might be in a bigger hole than I am in now.

I'm pretty pleased with the quality of the photos, but I don't think I'll be looking forward again to another solo exhibition. At least until I am well off financially. Ow, my pocket hurts.
where is my mind


I was encouraged to send in an application to get a Burning Man scholarship ticket. I think I may just do that. It would be cool to go. I have always had an interest in going, and now that I've found a way to go for much cheaper instead of paying 300 bucks, I may just do that. It would be a good experience.

The only thing I will feel guilty about is leaving Anon by her lonesome. Wish I could take her with!

Has anyone been to Burning Man? Care to share your experience?