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where is my mind


My eye was twitching at work. Hate when that happens. I looked it up and it apparently stems from lack of sleep and stress. Work has definitely been making me stressed. They scheduled me for way too many days in a row and give me way too much work to do. Ugh.

I will try to have fun tonight though. CiCi is here and we will be leaving soon to go watch the Blackhawks game at a bar. Go Hawks!
where is my mind


These past few days have been pretty gloomy. You don't realize how much you miss the sun when it's never around. It makes the days seem like their much, much shorter when it's constantly dark.

I really wish I didn't have such early hours to work this weekend. I'll be missing out on everything! There's parties to go to, people to meet, and free beers to drink, and I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy myself. Maybe I won't go to sleep at all.

Dinner is ready. We rented another movie called "Extraordinary Measures." I feel like we should invest in Netflix, considering all we do is watch movies, I'm sure it will save us a lot of money. Do they let you rent video games too?
where is my mind


I wasn't supposed to go into work today, but they changed my schedule. Hate when that happens. John had things to do at the south side today, so I've been sitting here a few hours clipping coupons, cleaning, and straightening up. Gosh, this apartment feels so much better when it's not cluttered with papers and other junk. John rearranged the furniture so it would look more 'feng shui' by putting everything at an angle. It actually works out quite nicely.

We saw the play 'Ghosts of Treasure Island' yesterday and it was really good. Very entertaining and smart; added their own twist to the story. After that, we hopped on the train and picked up our free French style hot dogs from this French restaurant downtown for Fete du Travail. It was delicious! Especially when it was eaten with a cold, French beer. Mmm.

After that, we went back on the train and met up with JD and his girlfriend Wendy in Wrigleyville to watch the Blackhawks game. What an embarrassing game, my goodness. It hurts to even think about it. We had to get straight outta there after the second period was over.

Well, I have more things to attend to, and then work. Have a great day.
where is my mind


Ugh. I am so mad at myself. I have a hotmail account, which is what I use for professional things like work, school, photo stuff, etc. So, I decided to check my email, which I haven't done in over a week and I found an email that was sent to me last week by this guy Sergio, who I have worked with before. I have participated in his Self-Portrait Exhibitions that he usually runs, and we've become good friends since I've been a part of this gallery for the past 4 years.

Anyhow, he offered me a position to show my work at a college 20 minutes outside of Chicago. Unfortunately, it's too late now because it is soon approaching, and I simply don't have enough time to get my photos printed and framed and delivered there. Bummer!

Although there is another Self-Portrait Exhibition coming up soon that I will most likely participate in and a Digital Photo Contest Exhibition happening at another gallery. The only problem is that this gallery has a habit of picking winners whom they already know. Fuck nepotism!
where is my mind


When I'm walking to work and watch people pass me by on the sidewalk or on the street, I always wonder where they are going. I wonder if they were having a bad day or a good day. What is going on in their life? What are they listening to on their mp3 player?

Sometimes I wish I could ask these people these questions, but maybe I would be considered too nosey.

Sometimes I will make up stories in my head to satisfy my curiosity. I think it's healthy to ask these questions...for us to know that it's okay to think about other people other than ourselves for once.

What did you do today?