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Life is going by way too fast. This project is only a reminder of that. I told myself that when I moved here, I was going to take full opprotunity of things going on like attending events and being more active. I feel as if I am doing that, but I'm simply not doing enough.

The light in our apartment looks its best when the sun is rising. There's always a orange-yellowish hue that is painted on the walls coming from the large window. That is the best time to take pictures, but I'm not always up for it.

(yea, i have pit hair. what's it to ya? and a happy 4/20 for those who celebrate!)
where is my mind


I have an iPod. It was given to me about two years ago as a Christmas gift by my parents. Since then, I have been filling it up with albums upon albums. I noticed that a lot of other people who have iPods never seen to have full albums. Every time I'm looking through someone else's music, it always sucks because they will only have one or two good songs by an artist. Why don't people listen to full albums anymore? I don't think I've ever come across an iPod that has good artists with all of their full albums.

Is it true that UK musicians tend to focus more so on creating an entire album rather than American artists who only make 3 or 4 good singles and then add fillers to the rest of the album?
where is my mind


It's kind of interesting to listen to the sounds that you hear when living in a high rise building with 12 floors. The most prominent sound of the moment is the facet dripping, which we will probably have to get fixed at some point.

I hear ambulances go by quite a few times, especially since we live on a busy street. You get the traffic noises as well.

Then there's people talking, playing music, cooking up some food...I don't know, for some reason I don't mind it, I actually kind of like it.

Anon, however, I still think she's getting used to the new place, but she seems to be adjusting well.