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So it's Memorial Day weekend, which means there are going to be plenty of barbecues going on. I'm heading to the south side to see my family and my neighbors, and to eat lots of food. Unfortunately, I can't stay too late considering I'm working late tonight.

My store won't let me change my availability, which is, by the way, complete bullshit. The only thing I changed is that I told them that I couldn't work til midnight anymore because I walk home every night, and I don't feel comfortable walking from work so late at night. I've heard way too many "I got jumped!" stories. And that shit will NOT happen to me, okay?

Time to quit and get a new job. This is ridiculous. I do way too much for them and in the end, they still treat me like dirt. I like the benefits, but there is no point in keeping them anymore if they can't treat me like a human being.
where is my mind


These past few days have been pretty gloomy. You don't realize how much you miss the sun when it's never around. It makes the days seem like their much, much shorter when it's constantly dark.

I really wish I didn't have such early hours to work this weekend. I'll be missing out on everything! There's parties to go to, people to meet, and free beers to drink, and I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy myself. Maybe I won't go to sleep at all.

Dinner is ready. We rented another movie called "Extraordinary Measures." I feel like we should invest in Netflix, considering all we do is watch movies, I'm sure it will save us a lot of money. Do they let you rent video games too?
where is my mind


I wasn't supposed to go into work today, but they changed my schedule. Hate when that happens. John had things to do at the south side today, so I've been sitting here a few hours clipping coupons, cleaning, and straightening up. Gosh, this apartment feels so much better when it's not cluttered with papers and other junk. John rearranged the furniture so it would look more 'feng shui' by putting everything at an angle. It actually works out quite nicely.

We saw the play 'Ghosts of Treasure Island' yesterday and it was really good. Very entertaining and smart; added their own twist to the story. After that, we hopped on the train and picked up our free French style hot dogs from this French restaurant downtown for Fete du Travail. It was delicious! Especially when it was eaten with a cold, French beer. Mmm.

After that, we went back on the train and met up with JD and his girlfriend Wendy in Wrigleyville to watch the Blackhawks game. What an embarrassing game, my goodness. It hurts to even think about it. We had to get straight outta there after the second period was over.

Well, I have more things to attend to, and then work. Have a great day.
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I can't believe it's the end of the month already. Where did the time go? April 1st means it's getting closer to Spring, and it also means the day to pay rent and the internet bill and electric bill.

I have a number of things to do today. First off, I have to take money out for the above mentioned and also do some laundry, hand in these Trader Joe's applications, and go to work later.

CiCi is moving out April 1st with her boyfriend. They'll only be about 15 minute walk away or so. It'll be nice to have a familiar face on the north side.

I still need to make new friends.
where is my mind


Yeah, I posted this pretty late. I don't know why I'm still up.

I'm tired and full and bored. Think I will go lay in bed with my sweetie.

I really want to go out tomorrow night after work, but I have no friends who would be willing to go. Dammit! When am I going to make new friends up here?! womp womp womp