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Funny how my paid DA account and Flickr account both expired around the same time. This probably means I'll have to stop posting at both places once this project is over, or at least wait until I can afford to pay for a subscription. I forgot how wonderful it is to have paid accounts for things. Now all I see are ads, ads, and more ads. Shit is slower than ever before. This sucks.

This month has sucked. I hope the new year will be much better for me. I'm anticipating the days until the countdown. I felt that 2010 was a good year, but it left me wanting something more. My horoscope tells me that I should take the risk that I've been wanting to take and to move to another city, state, or even country. It's ironic how my horoscope knew that I was itching for that big move. I guess it's time to make that change. The stars are all lined up for me...
where is my mind


I know some of you will be like, omigosh, this photo would look so much better if you lost the panties, but then...you wouldn't be able to see all my cute panties.

Anyhow, I know my photostream has been risque lately, but I've been feeling comfortable and confident with myself. Think of it as a series.

I guess that's the first thing I do when I get home, take off all those layers of clothing and relax.
where is my mind


This month and next month will test me a lot. I have many life decisions coming forward now that it will be the new year. I've been deciding what I want to do, and where I want to go. Life is just so very confusing at the moment, and I feel like it's that way for many people I know. The winter time just seems like the season where many changes occur. It's so drastic, though, and I'm not quite used to it yet.

It's funny how there can be so many coincidences in one day. I need to start writing them all down, they happen so often.

I'm looking forward to the end of this project. I've probably said that already, but I'm definitely more willing to expand my horizons and have other projects to work on. Plus, I am just so damn sick of looking at my face everyday.

I found a penny on my way home from work, head's up, with all these thoughts in my head. I'll take that as a good sign.
where is my mind


Posted verrry late, but I needed to give my computer time to rest.

Last night was very chill. Watched a movie and had a small dinner, had company over for a little bit. I was going to go with my friend to see the meteoroid showers, but of course, I fell asleep and didn't wake up in time to head out there. Oh well.
where is my mind


My computer has been acting weird lately. Maybe it's because this thing has been on nearly every day. I'm excited to see the end of this project for that reason alone. Turning this thing off for a straight week would do me some good, I believe.

I'm staying in because it is cold out and I'm tired. I need to save my money and I need to get some rest. I think this would be the perfect time to detox, ya know?

I know I look distorted in this, and I like it that way.
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Green computer, green eyes, bright red hair. I was told I look like the white version of Rhianna with my new hair, hah! I hope this week goes by fast because I need that paycheck at the end of the month. I'm planning on going to a few more shows in the next coming months. We will see about that. Since my lease is ending in a few months, I'm thinking about staying at this location for at least another year as much as that bothers me.

I was hoping to leave the city, but I still feel like I haven't taken full advantage of everything I have here. Might as well stay for a bit longer and take it all in before moving off to something else.

I'll just keep taking road trips because those are fun. I have a lot of editing to do, but I'm at that point where I get completely winded out from just editing one photograph. I start to lose my patience. I just really, really hate being on this computer every damn day. I need a break...yet, I will have to wait 55 more days to do that.
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Today was my first day back to reality. Went to work early in the morning. Since it gets so dark so early now, I find it necessary to take naps throughout the day. This is going to be very hard to get used to. At least the weather was lovely today. I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling so lazy lately. I feel like I need a 14 hour slumber. Someday...

My hair is a bright red now. Suddenly, I feel like one of those little old ladies with Ronald McDonald hair. It's cool though.
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Sometimes I get too occupied by life to actually post my picture of the day. Slaving over a hot stove, but it was worth it because I had a fabulous dinner. I also made another pumpkin pie, which will be ready to eat in a hour. I was expecting this week to be full of fun and adventures, but due to lack of funds, I had to restrain myself from going out. I will probably have to do the same for next week as well. Somehow...I miss working everyday. At least I had money.

I looked at old photos today of my friends and I. It made me happy and sad all at once. I miss those days. Sometimes I wish I could go back 3 years and do it all over again. But...life is good now, and it's only going to get better.

I've been wondering where I'm going to live after this. I think I want to move to another location, but then I think that I should stay where I'm at and take it all in before I move on. So many life decisions that need to be made. Adult life is so tricky.
where is my mind


I have quite a busy week. My friend's friends are coming into town this week, so we've been planning special things we could do since they're here. Tonight is the Rehab Party at a bar. Tuesday, I want to go to the Shedd Aquarium since it's free tomorrow. Wednesday, I would like to go apple picking at a farm right here in Illinois. Thursday, my gallery! I hope my friends can make it out. It would mean the world to me. Friday, it's off to the Chicago French Market for cheap beers and Belgian Fries, mmm. Also, the full moon drum circle will be in full force, it's the last one of the year! Saturday is the only day I'm unsure of what's going on. Sunday, probably off to visit John's parents and help them paint some windows for some cash.

I'm going to have to start planning my trip to South Carolina and pick up tickets for the OK Go show. Things are looking quite bright these days Glad to be getting out more. I'm also really looking forward to getting out of the city. It's been far too long since I took a nice vacation.