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where is my mind


Anon woke me up early this morning by meowing constantly. She quickly ran out of the room right as I was getting up. Then she came back in as I was opening the shades to bring it some light. She jumped up on the windowsill, so I figured she just wanted to take a picture with me.

I have a lot of things planned for today that I must get done as well. Hopefully, tonight I can make it downtown to go to this mingle and a movie party. Free drinks and free food and a free admittance to see Inception. Haven't seen it before, so this sounds like a lot of fun.
where is my mind


I think I've calmed down since yesterday...

Tonight I'm going to see my friend's band preform at a popular bar on the north side. It's always cool when I get to see him on stage and I think to myself, "Wooww, I know him!" His band is quite successful and they do a lot of shows every month.

Anyway, I'm excited and cannot wait for tonight. I expect Cici to be here shortly and the fun will begin from there on...

Come out!