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I went to the south side today to pick up things. I think the first thing I do when I go back to my parent's house is immediately reach for the food. So much good stuff. All the time.

There's always candy sitting out in bowls, which is just as tempting as well. John's mother was very kind and made us this awesome meatloaf, which we cooked when we got home. And she gave us potatoes and all this other awesome stuff. It's so wonderful and I'm so grateful.

Then I began baking cookies and have been doing so since about 5pm. It's so hot in here, and I'm still going...

So far I've made: pecan crescent cookies, chocolate chip walnut cookies, and sugar cookies that I decorated with sprinkles. I'm thinking my last batch could be ginger cookies or perhaps something else...any ideas?
where is my mind


Yesterday was probably the most ridiculous, heart breaking day I have experienced in a while. So dramatic and so much yelling. I wasn't going to go to that dance party because of how terrible I felt, but I ended up going anyway and felt so much better about things. It was fun, too. They played some good music and the party was free and the beers were cheap. I don't think it gets better than that. Unfortunately, I didn't win the year long pass to Double Door. Bummer.

I woke up fairly late today, which is something I never do. Got a few good hours of sleep in to take my mind off of things. I'm feeling better, but still hungry hah.

I wanted to go Christmas shopping today, but instead, I sat down and took surveys for some extra cash and enjoyed the view of the lovely sky. Not so bad. Tonight I'm thinking...free drinks at a beer tasting event in boys town and then possibly heading to another dance party for only 5 dollars. I wonder if everything is so cheap since it's the holiday season and all the really expensive stuff will happen on NYE. Hm?

What are your plans for NYE?
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I find myself wanting to write less and less here. I think I'm running out of things to say, so I usually end up talking about my day. Then later, I will think, oh I should've written about this, but then I get too lazy to change it all.

Today, I'm making my own loaf of bread. This is the first time I'm ever making my own bread, so I'm just hoping it will come out okay. Although it's quite a shame that I have nothing to even really put on it.
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I hope tomorrow's photo will be better. The lack of natural lighting puts me in a hard place. I've had a splitting headache for most of the day. Seems like after I finish this tea, I'll have to go to bed.

It's interesting what things you manage to create for dinner when you hardly have any food.
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I finally have internet! It appears that the problem was coming from outside on the roof, so it wasn't our responsibility to have to pay any money. I'm just glad everything got resolved.

Tonight, I'm going out to the Darkroom Bar in celebration of Black Wednesday. Should be a lot of fun. I need it. And tomorrow will be Thanksgiving! I've been so hungry lately, can't wait to eat all that food. Have a great night everyone.
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My computer has been acting weird lately. Maybe it's because this thing has been on nearly every day. I'm excited to see the end of this project for that reason alone. Turning this thing off for a straight week would do me some good, I believe.

I'm staying in because it is cold out and I'm tired. I need to save my money and I need to get some rest. I think this would be the perfect time to detox, ya know?

I know I look distorted in this, and I like it that way.
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I spent a good while trying to edit the colors in the photo, then I got fed up and made it black and white. I think I like it this way a lot more anyway.

So, this is my new bass. It's a pretty purple color, unfortunately you can't see it in this photo. Another time though.

Today is day 311, which is quite fitting since I took my photo with my bass and all. :P

So, I got a guitar, a bass, and John has a drum kit. I got my harmonica amongst other things, so...let's start a band!
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I bought this outfit from the thrift store. The shirt, the pants, and the belt. This entire outfit cost me 7 dollars. I also bought a few other articles of clothing. I'm very short on fall clothes. I seem to have more summery clothes than fall clothes. Lots of tank tops and skirts and dresses. I wonder why that is, considering it is mostly cold in Chicago for most of the year.

I think it is time for a big change. I'm definitely going to have to quit smoking. I said I was going to quit smoking at the very beginning of this project, and I still haven't accomplished that. It was working for the most part, but then I moved out, and once I moved out, I didn't feel so guilty when I was around my parents.

If I stop smoking, I'll save myself 1,000 dollars a year, which means I can put that money towards food, clothes, and rent. I think that sounds like a good plan.
where is my mind


I'm planning on taking a trip out to South Carolina in a few weeks. John and I are going to visit his sister at school and go see OK Go while we're there. I'm super excited about it. Never been to any of the Carolinas. Should be a great experience, I'm sure.

October is looking to be a very, very busy month for me. I hope I don't get any crap for taking several days off. Besides, I deserve it.