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I spent a good while trying to edit the colors in the photo, then I got fed up and made it black and white. I think I like it this way a lot more anyway.

So, this is my new bass. It's a pretty purple color, unfortunately you can't see it in this photo. Another time though.

Today is day 311, which is quite fitting since I took my photo with my bass and all. :P

So, I got a guitar, a bass, and John has a drum kit. I got my harmonica amongst other things, so...let's start a band!
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Lolla was a really great time. I got to go the whole weekend for a mighty fine price, and it was all worth it. Good atmosphere, good people. I danced to Cut Copy yesterday, which was my favorite band of this weekend. They also sang a song called, "Lisa!" It was cool to hear everyone in the crowd screaming my name, "LIIIIIIIIISAAAAAAA!" Haha, I loved it. I must say I was really pleased to dance with you all in the Cut Copy dance pit. Best part of this weekend.

Cypress Hill was my favorite of today. Oh man, those guys put on a great show, and the crowd was very generous if you know what I'm sayin'. We were quite close to the stage and were offered some hits from blunts and hitters. Ahh, it was magical. Those guys are some funny mutha fuckas.

I wish there was more I could say, but the details are pretty vague at the moment. We ran into some interesting coincidences, which made it all the more better.

I'm tired, I have work early in the morning, but it's all good. I'm going to try and convince my manager to switch me over to another department. Let's see how that goes.
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Lady GaGa was amazing last night. I don't know what more I can say. I must say that she is probably one of the best acts I have ever seen at Lollapalooza. The set, the music, the mood, the choreography, the costumes, the makeup, everything was just so, so perfect. My eyes actually started to well up when she started talking to the crowd. You could tell she was overwhelmed by everything. You could tell that she wanted to cry, but she held it in.

I know some assholes are going to be like, "Oh my gosh, but like, The Strokes are so much better. Fuck Lady GaGa and her pop music." I'm sorry, I love The Strokes, but comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Everyone was engaged. Nobody could take their eyes off of her. Her set was elaborate and flowed really well and it seemed like a lot of people were impressed with her. There were times where John lifted me up and there was so many people flocking to her stage. It was said she had 80,000 people watch her! Now that really says something. There were some cute surprises during the show. I don't know, I had a lot of fun and that's all I care about. Music snobs can go and be bitter jealous haters. That's fine with me.

Another act I must give credit for is Hot Chip. They too, had a really great show. But really, no one compares to GaGa. Can't wait to see her again! I wish everyone could experience The Monster Ball.
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I think I've calmed down since yesterday...

Tonight I'm going to see my friend's band preform at a popular bar on the north side. It's always cool when I get to see him on stage and I think to myself, "Wooww, I know him!" His band is quite successful and they do a lot of shows every month.

Anyway, I'm excited and cannot wait for tonight. I expect Cici to be here shortly and the fun will begin from there on...

Come out!
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Muse was amazing last night! It was a beautiful set and flowed really well. If you have the chance to go see them, I highly recommend. Now, I have a really awesome shirt to show off.

I like to go to shows of certain bands to show my support or buy their merchandise...or both! Did you know that music artists hardly make any money off of their albums? I'm surprised people are not aware. So this whole attack on downloading music is quite ridiculous, seeing as how the only people who are hurt by this are the record executives.

Actually, having downloaded music myself has opened my eyes to so many different artists that I never would've discovered without it. I would like to know your stance.

I don't download anymore. My computer has suffered enough viruses, and frankly it makes me scared. Sharing is caring. :)
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I have an iPod. It was given to me about two years ago as a Christmas gift by my parents. Since then, I have been filling it up with albums upon albums. I noticed that a lot of other people who have iPods never seen to have full albums. Every time I'm looking through someone else's music, it always sucks because they will only have one or two good songs by an artist. Why don't people listen to full albums anymore? I don't think I've ever come across an iPod that has good artists with all of their full albums.

Is it true that UK musicians tend to focus more so on creating an entire album rather than American artists who only make 3 or 4 good singles and then add fillers to the rest of the album?