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Muse was amazing last night! It was a beautiful set and flowed really well. If you have the chance to go see them, I highly recommend. Now, I have a really awesome shirt to show off.

I like to go to shows of certain bands to show my support or buy their merchandise...or both! Did you know that music artists hardly make any money off of their albums? I'm surprised people are not aware. So this whole attack on downloading music is quite ridiculous, seeing as how the only people who are hurt by this are the record executives.

Actually, having downloaded music myself has opened my eyes to so many different artists that I never would've discovered without it. I would like to know your stance.

I don't download anymore. My computer has suffered enough viruses, and frankly it makes me scared. Sharing is caring. :)
where is my mind


My new job is easy, boring, and tedious. I won't be looking forward to this. I'll probably grow tired of it after 2 weeks. All I do is check expiration dates on products and discard them if they're expired. Then I had some customer acting a fool today. He wanted this certain coffee, but we only had ground coffee, and he wanted whole bean. I told him we don't carry it since it's not on the shelf. He preceded to badger me and make snide comments. He ordered me check "in the back". No, there are no specialty items just for you in the back. You really want to know what's in the back? Boxes and palettes of items that can't even fit on the shelf. If it's not on the shelf, especially with no tag, THEN IT'S NOT IN THE BACK. Honestly, the nerve of some people...

Anyway, I'm not going to let this week ruin my fun for tonight. I'M GOING TO SEE MUSE!

where is my mind

Day Nine (365 Day Project)

Is there a particular band or singer that you obsess over? I have three in particular. I love Beck, OK Go, and Muse. These are my all time favorite bands. I just purchased OK Go's new album (gotta support these native Chicagoans!) and I love it! I saw them live a few months ago and they were so exciting. I've seen them live about 6 times in my life, and every time they preform, they always do something different. I love these guys, and I love it even more that they're from my hometown.

Muse is just the best band in the world. I'm seeing them live for the first time in March and I can't even begin to tell you how freaking excited I am! There have been 2 times where Muse came to Chicago and I couldn't see them because one, they preformed at Lollapalooza in '07 and I wasn't about to dish out 100 bucks just to see them. The other time it was at the Chicago Theatre, but it sold out in a matter of minutes, plus I had to work that night. So, here is my chance!

Beck is simply amazing. I wish I could have seen him in his heyday, like the Midnight Vultures tour where he wore his hot, sexy red pants and did all sorts of crazy dances. 40 year old Beck is not the same, but I love him all the same. His "Odelay" album was the first album that I ever purchased on my own. I was only in fifth grade. I'm in it for the long run. I can't believe he's a scientologist. Weiirrrd.