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I tried writing this whole spiel down, but then it all got deleted. How fitting.

I'm feeling a little better today. This is round 3 at Borders, taking advantage of their free wifi. At least they're not greedy like stupid Starbucks.

I saved up a few dollars so I could meet up with couchsurfers who are in town and to party down for Black Wednesday. I figured that with everything I have gone through this past week, I need some sort of relief.
where is my mind


I turn my camera on.

I know I had made that remark yesterday about how I wanted to stay in. But...I forced myself, well, not forced...I encouraged myself to get out last night. I'm glad I did because now I have some funny stories to tell.

I ended up going to a party really late with John and Kris. We met up with Luke and CiCI there, and it was just like old times. Except there was a keg and people I didn't know. It was exciting for the most part. The music was good too. Can't beat a party that plays good tunes.

We stayed out extremely late and woke up late. So we stayed in for the most part this afternoon. Possibly going to head to another dance party tonight. CHI KA GO! Oh! And there's free slurpees at 7-11 since it is, after all, 7/11.

My mirror is extremely dirty.
where is my mind


I slept for 12 hours. There's only a few days where I can actually do that. I must've been really, really tired. I completely ignored all the text messages I had gotten last night, slept right through them all! My apologies, friends.

I woke up at 7am. Two hours before I had to go to work. It was an easy day. Went by really fast. I finally learned how to use the scanner gun to write orders for candy and spices. Pretty interesting, those scanner guns. Looks like I'm moving my way up to the top! Not really.

I just realized that In about 2 weeks, I will have reached my 5 year anniversary. I think they send me a gift or something, and take my photo to be put into the monthly newsletters. I will also have my vacation next week. I think I'm going to Michigan with John for a few days. I don't really know yet. Actually, I kinda want to go to Florida, but I should probably save my money.

My first Sox game of the season tomorrow! Going with my friend Brett, good lord, I haven't seen him in years. Actually, I have a funny story about him. Our very first meeting took place at a Sox game, and during the "Kiss Cam" dealio, they put the both of us on the screen. My only reaction was to bury my face in my sweatshirt. Gosh, that was so embarassing! Hah.

Happy first day of Summer!
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Yesterday at work I was given the opportunity by my manager to work in the grocery department. Said they needed an extra person to do code stuff, I really don't know what it entails, but apparently I will have to be incredibly thorough. That kind of scares me, but at the same time, I guess I wouldn't mind trying something different. After all, being a cashier can get very old, very quickly. Too many grumpy people to have to deal with. It amazes me sometimes how busy this store can be, even on a weekday.

So I will be going in on Friday morning, which now equals to 30 hours this week. I'm going to be rolling in the dough, my friends. Maybe not...
where is my mind

Day Ten (365 Day Project)

Some times I feel like I lead two lives. There's my internet persona, where I love to read celebrity gossip, post photos for strangers to see, and talk about my life. I have my internet friends that I talk to on a regular basis because I always find it interesting to communicate with these people that typically live in another state or even another country.

Then there is my real life, where I lay around with my boyfriend and play Nintendo Wii, hang out with friends, work like a dog, go to shows, and get crunk. It's funny to me that none of you will be able to see or know that side of me. That all you will see is a photograph of me and develop some kind of theory or thought or idea or fantasy. Some people really like what I do, and others criticize me for it. But really, the reason I have this internet persona is because I want you to know who I am. I like inviting you into my life, because I like to be a part of yours.