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Finally, a beautiful sunny day! I know I've done many of these photos, but I can't help it. I'm so bored with myself these days. I've been focusing my intention on painting more so than taking photos. I really need to develop my other artistic skills and to become a better artist. I'm happy that this picture is slowly reaching the end.

Tonight, I'm going to see one of my favorite bands, The Sea and Cake. I'm excited, but also really tired.
where is my mind


I woke up this morning and enjoyed the warmth of the few lines of light that touched my back. That is what inspired today's photo.

I've been having really bizarre dreams lately. I tend to usually forget my dreams, but not in these past few days. They either involve work and friends and/or my relationship. I'm either getting set up to get fired or I'm being chased by that black-and-white movie scary guy with the pale, white face and sharp fangs dressed in black while I'm out strolling with my boyfriend. I have these dreams of him and I getting married and no one is there to witness our marriage. Our friends show up, but then they disappear. I should probably start writing them down to get to the meaning of them, if there is one. I remember learning in my psychology class that you only remember dreams because they are of importance to you, and the stuff you don't remember was never meant to be remembered anyway. I don't really know, but I do know that these dreams have been very intense and downright scary. I wake up in a frenzy with my heart racing. I wonder what causes these dreams. Was it perhaps something I ate or drank? Was it something that happened that day that triggered something in my mind? I may never know.
where is my mind


So it's Memorial Day weekend, which means there are going to be plenty of barbecues going on. I'm heading to the south side to see my family and my neighbors, and to eat lots of food. Unfortunately, I can't stay too late considering I'm working late tonight.

My store won't let me change my availability, which is, by the way, complete bullshit. The only thing I changed is that I told them that I couldn't work til midnight anymore because I walk home every night, and I don't feel comfortable walking from work so late at night. I've heard way too many "I got jumped!" stories. And that shit will NOT happen to me, okay?

Time to quit and get a new job. This is ridiculous. I do way too much for them and in the end, they still treat me like dirt. I like the benefits, but there is no point in keeping them anymore if they can't treat me like a human being.
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I finally watched 'Whip It' last night joined by CiCi and her other half. It was good. Kind of predictable, but I suppose most movies are that way. The movie made me want to join a Women's Roller Derby team. It looks like fun, and I can see myself knocking over girls one by one 'cause I'm tough like that.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be seeing a play "Ghosts of Treasure Island" that John's cousin is in. His cousin is a big theater guy and is always preforming in plays in the city. I hear this show is really good, so I'm looking forward to it. Afterwards, we're going to a French restaurant where they will be handing out free french style hot dogs in celebration of the Fete du Travail (which is like the French version of Labor Day). A long beef hot dog stuffed into a baguette smothered in mustard. Mmm. After that, who knows. Maybe that Synergism party at Kinetic. We shall see...but for now, I must get through these 2 days of work. I can do this!
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Life is going by way too fast. This project is only a reminder of that. I told myself that when I moved here, I was going to take full opprotunity of things going on like attending events and being more active. I feel as if I am doing that, but I'm simply not doing enough.

The light in our apartment looks its best when the sun is rising. There's always a orange-yellowish hue that is painted on the walls coming from the large window. That is the best time to take pictures, but I'm not always up for it.

(yea, i have pit hair. what's it to ya? and a happy 4/20 for those who celebrate!)
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I can't believe it's the end of the month already. Where did the time go? April 1st means it's getting closer to Spring, and it also means the day to pay rent and the internet bill and electric bill.

I have a number of things to do today. First off, I have to take money out for the above mentioned and also do some laundry, hand in these Trader Joe's applications, and go to work later.

CiCi is moving out April 1st with her boyfriend. They'll only be about 15 minute walk away or so. It'll be nice to have a familiar face on the north side.

I still need to make new friends.
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I expect John to be arriving home in about an hour. The day that I was leaving my other store, one of my supervisors asked me to come upstairs after I punched out. I was greeted with a card and inside this card was a gift card to Pottery Barn. Having not used it yet, we're going to a Pottery Barn around here to pick up any decorative things we need. I have never been to one before, so I really hope they have some cheap, cute things for $25 bucks.

Afterwards, we plan on going to Metal Haven, which is a well-known and the ONLY metal store in Chicago. It's closing soon and John wanted to check it out before it does. There's also this art store right next to it, that I would like to check out as well.

I'm so glad John can drive me around now. It feels so nice.

I'm going to stop typing now because my cursor is going berserk. Does anyone else have this problem? This cursor will go where ever it pleases.
where is my mind


It's kind of interesting to listen to the sounds that you hear when living in a high rise building with 12 floors. The most prominent sound of the moment is the facet dripping, which we will probably have to get fixed at some point.

I hear ambulances go by quite a few times, especially since we live on a busy street. You get the traffic noises as well.

Then there's people talking, playing music, cooking up some food...I don't know, for some reason I don't mind it, I actually kind of like it.

Anon, however, I still think she's getting used to the new place, but she seems to be adjusting well.