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I took several photos for this particular day. This was basically the only one I could pick out that was semi clear and one that didn't need a NSFW stamp.

Sometimes the sessions I have with my camera can turn into something else, know what I'm sayin'?

I woke up this morning and it was lightly snowing. And as much as I hate cold weather and snow, it looked lovely. So peaceful.
where is my mind


Spent a lot of this day running around getting important things done. I was contesting a ticket I had gotten on Friday for a "street cleaning" violation even though the signs all along the block were covered in stickers and graffiti. Hope that will make me win this case.

I wrote up a letter and took photos of the signs yesterday. Since I don't have a printer, I figured I'd go to the library in the morning before work. I walk to the library in the morning...closed. The library doesn't open until noon! So, I go to work for a few hours, and decided to head back to the library to print out that letter. The computer won't open the file. I also had to make a copy of the ticket and went to 3 different stores and they were all broken; how fitting.

Finally, I asked my good ole friend JD who lives not so very far from me. He has a printer AND a scanner. My life is somewhat turned around in a matter of minutes. I signed my name, stuffed the letter in the envelope, kissed it for good luck, and dropped it in the mailbox.

Funny thing is, to them I'll just be another person contesting a ticket, and they will have no idea of all the trouble I had to go through the past 2 days.
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It's supposed to storm pretty badly tomorrow. Apparently, it's going to be up to 55 mph winds! I kinda just want to stay in all day, but unfortunately I have a lot of things to do. Oh well. My friend is coming to Chicago and spending the night as a couchsurfer. Excited for the next 2 days, but also very nervous.
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Posted 19 minutes later, but this was taken shortly before midnight. I was tired all day long. Slept for most of the time after work. Later I made dinner and pumpkin pie. It's still too early to eat it. Grrr.
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There's a disco in my bathtub.

I think I'm going to have to start doing mini series throughout this project. It's hard to come up with new ideas day in and day out. It's hard to be creative sometimes. I need to focus on one thing at a time and perfect it to my liking and move on.

The best gummy bears are the clear ones.

My cat just killed a fly and ate it. Awesome.
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This morning was so incredibly odd. I set 6 alarms on my phone. Two alarms for John to wake up at 4am for work, and four for me to wake up at 7am. We went to bed pretty late, but I was confident that I would get up on time like I always do...until today. John woke up 2 hours late at 6:30am, and decided to not go in. I woke up at 9:30, when I was supposed to be at work at 9. I freaked out and got all my things together within 5 minutes.

John and I walked out to the car so he could drop me off, and there of course, was a parking ticket. Then work was torture as usual. Doing candy and spice loads by myself. Luckily, I got all my work done and was able to meet up with John for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Just what I needed, a large, warm bowl of noodles and chicken and veggies.

Food cures all of life's little problems.
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I sometimes wish that when I was younger, I would've done more things. I would give anything to be 18 again. I wish I could have broken out of my shell and taken risks that I never thought I would take. I wish I could have done this and I wish I could have done that. But now that the time has come and gone, so quickly, I feel like I have to make up for all of that. Now that I'm 23, I feel as if I haven't seen enough of the world. 23 is young, I realize, but I still feel very old. I can't really explain it. I'll look at photos from only 3 years ago and notice a huge change not only in appearance, but with the things I did and the ideas I had.

I wonder what I will think when I look back at these photographs 3 years from now.
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Sniffing the dust flying off the shelf is the most unpleasant feeling. It clogs my nostrils and creates dirt all over my hands. My hands. My hands are working hands. They're no longer as soft as they used to be. They're rough, wrinkled, and tough. Covered in dirt.

My hands are small and weak. My nails grow long and hard and extremely fast. These hands are most definitely hard working hands. If you were to observe my hands, they would tell a story.