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where is my mind


I am so so so tired.

I worked extra early today, but got out even earlier. So, I made the decision to make French onion soup. It turned out perfectly. I have no complaints. Not to brag, but this is the best French onion soup I've ever eaten. I still don't know what possessed me to make soup in 85 degree weather, but I had a craving that needed to be satisfied.

Shortly after that we fell asleep on the floor, and moved to the bed. I believe we ended up sleeping from 4pm to 10:30pm. I woke up and realized, once again, shit, I have to take my photo. Here is my half assed, tired photo of the day.

We had planned on going out to dinner tonight to use this Groupon we had and we planned on doing laundry (which really needed to be done) and now, I'm too tired to move at all. Quite mad at myself for that.
where is my mind


I'm happy to say that I'm halfway through the project. I've been doing this for 6 months. Now only another 6 months to go! To be honest, I didn't think I was going to last 6 days, considering I never finish what I start, and I also grow tired of things easily.

I slept a while today. I also went to the local farmer's market. I got a basket of these beautiful, tart cherries from Michigan. I also picked up a loaf of herb and cheese ciabatta bread and a cantaloupe. I must say, everything is simply divine. Tastes delicious, and it's all organic and local.

The heat in my apartment is making both John and I completely delirious. I guess we're making it necessary for us to go out as much as we can so we can get some fresh air.
where is my mind


I could really good for a big bowl of authentic ramen right about now. I actually don't think I've ever had real ramen, only the kind in the packets that go for 20 cents. I feel like I'm missing out. I watched this movie "The Ramen Girl" about 3 times already. It's a cute story, and I like the message. I also love Brittany Murphy. It's sad knowing that she died.

It's been very hot lately. I practically walk around my place in my skivvies. At least the breeze from the lake cools this place a bit. Sometimes I wonder if my neighbors across the alley can see me walking around in my underwear. It's kinda funny to think about.
where is my mind


Ain't it funny when people start to act differently when you're around other people? I sometimes feel invisible. I sometimes feel that I'm constantly picked on like a child in middle school. I thought those days were over. When I speak, no one listens to me. When I cry, no one comforts me. When I'm in a bad mood, people ignore me. I'm really sick and tired of being treated the way that I am treated, for no reason at all. It makes me wonder who my real friends are. It makes me wonder what it is that is wrong with me. I don't understand.

John is working today, all day. I wish I could have him here to talk to him. I just need someone to talk to. That is all I'm asking for. I just want to take all my troubles to the beach and relax and read a book, but the weather outside is dark and gloomy. Maybe I can take a walk somewhere. Clear my head. Rearrange these thoughts.