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The total lunar eclipse is tonight. I'm only wishing I can see it through all the snow and clouds. I'm getting a feeling that I won't, which is a bummer. I've been looking forward to it the past few days.

I was going to write something profound here, but then my coffee hazed mind shut off immediately before I could get my point across.

I walked around and shopped downtown today with CiCi. I really enjoyed walking down the street with all the Christmas lights and trees and other decorations that were getting covered by snow. It was a beautiful sight. It actually began to make me appreciate this holiday a little more.
where is my mind


It started snowing on our way home from Kinetic early in the morning. It looked so beautiful, now it looks all mushy and dirty. So many funny things happen at Kinetic. So much so that I should probably write a book about all the craziness I experience and the kind strangers I meet.

We went grocery shopping, which filled up our fridge just a little bit. It's nice to see some actual food in there.

P.S. Just one more month. :)
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I had a really long day at work. I felt like I was there for an entire day. Time went by so slow today. I'm growing incredibly tired, I think I'm going to have to sleep off this exhaustion. I was debating whether or not I should go out tonight, but then I remember I'm broke as hale. I have a very, very busy day tomorrow as well. I'm going to John's house to paint for some extra cash, and I'm helping my parents move in to their new home. Then of course, is the drum circle. I must be well-rested for that!
where is my mind


I had an enjoyable day once I got out of work. I headed to the Chicago French Market that has multiple vendors inside this really large building. It had everything you could imagine. John and I enjoyed these delicious Belgian Frites served to us inside of a cone with a cold brew. I also picked up a red velvet cupcake, which I am too full to eat. The girls and I picked up free samples of this lemongrass soap from one of the vendors. There was also a raw foods vendor that had everything you could imagine. If I had enough money, I'm sure I would've picked something up. I'm not too big on raw and vegan foods, but I am always willing to try. What can I say, I love to cook and I find it incredibly soothing, especially after a long day. Nothing better than chopping up vegetables and throwing it into a pan with spices and other goodness. It pleases all of my senses. Afterwards, we headed home. I feel like I need to take a nap if I want to enjoy the rest of the night. It kinda sucks having to open at work back to back.

I do know I will be heading to the French Market very, very soon. Especially for the cheeses! Gosh, there were so many. I love my stinky cheeses.
where is my mind


I have quite a busy week. My friend's friends are coming into town this week, so we've been planning special things we could do since they're here. Tonight is the Rehab Party at a bar. Tuesday, I want to go to the Shedd Aquarium since it's free tomorrow. Wednesday, I would like to go apple picking at a farm right here in Illinois. Thursday, my gallery! I hope my friends can make it out. It would mean the world to me. Friday, it's off to the Chicago French Market for cheap beers and Belgian Fries, mmm. Also, the full moon drum circle will be in full force, it's the last one of the year! Saturday is the only day I'm unsure of what's going on. Sunday, probably off to visit John's parents and help them paint some windows for some cash.

I'm going to have to start planning my trip to South Carolina and pick up tickets for the OK Go show. Things are looking quite bright these days Glad to be getting out more. I'm also really looking forward to getting out of the city. It's been far too long since I took a nice vacation.
where is my mind


I know you're probably wondering where the hell my dreads are since it's been a few weeks. I've stopped trying to grow them, and I'm going to redo it. I feel like I should get them done by a professional. I was having trouble separating the dreads and I began to make some of them uneven, and I should perhaps get it all done in one go instead of waiting forever to let them form. I still have some baby dreads and hopefully I can make them look better the next go around.

I've been planning out 2 tattoos to get, but I am short of money, plus I'm having a hard time finding that right place and that right artist. I'm very picky about these things, and I have a right to be! After all, it will be there forever.

Some people tell me, "Oh, you'll regret that when you're old and all wrinkly." Well, I, for one, would rather get a tattoo now while my body is still hot. When I'm old, I'll be old and careless about my fading looks.
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I really love participating in galleries and going to exhibitions and meeting people, but this gallery I'm working on for Monday has me swearing off galleries for good. Just within the past 2 days I spent over $160 dollars, which is practically most of my paycheck.

You begin to lose the whole fun in galleries when you're spending every dime on prints and matting/mounting. I was lucky enough to get my photos mounted for tomorrow, if the girl at the camera store wasn't so kind and wonderful, I might be in a bigger hole than I am in now.

I'm pretty pleased with the quality of the photos, but I don't think I'll be looking forward again to another solo exhibition. At least until I am well off financially. Ow, my pocket hurts.
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I would really love to have my own business. Particularly with my group of friends. I've talked about this with them quite a few times and they always seemed interested in the idea of having a place where we can show and discuss artworks and music. I had always dreamt of creating an art gallery that offered more than showing artworks on the wall. Inside, I want there to be a small, quaint cafe area where we serve yummy coffee drinks and booze. I envision DJs spinning good music and local bands belting out their songs. I imagine a small shop where my friends and I sell all our drawings and paintings and photos, amongst other things.

I have many talented friends who participate in all forms of art. I think we would really be quite successful at this.

But, it's only a dream. In which, I hope, to turn into a reality.
where is my mind


Beautiful day! Meghan spent the night and we woke up fairly early so we could spend the morning and day at the beach. It was hot, hot, hot! Perfect weather. This is what I have been waiting for. It was so nice to finally have a day off and to enjoy it! We went to this really nice, massive beach that's a little north of my apartment. It's probably one of the nicer beaches in Chicago. Too many flies though, bleh, that drove me nuts.

We mostly sat and talked. Meghan gave me a nice Reiki massage. I got pretty sun burnt, but it's all good because it's gonna turn into a tan sooner or later. Afterwards, we took a walk to this little Mexican cafe and had some black bean empanadas and cheap margaritas. We then walked to CiCi's apartment and helped her pick out photos of Luke as he was heading to Ford Models Agency.

In about 2 hours, I'm going to see LCD Soundsystem! AHH! So excited. And I'm so excited for Blackhawks vs. Philly, oh boy oh boy.