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where is my mind


Full moon drum circle once again. Had a lot of fun. I was able to meet up with more people this time, and people I don't see often.

I had a pretty crummy day at work. Things just don't often seem fair. I was able to vent out my frustrations though. Swinging those poi balls is incredibly soothing.
where is my mind


Last night we had brief visitors by Dennis and Sean and a couple of Coronas. Before I had moved here, I was worried that none of our friends would come up, but I am surprised and thankful by their efforts. Sometimes I think they want to come up here way too often, hah!

I've never really been a big movie person, but I now appreciate movies a lot more considering I don't have cable. Netflix is a God send, seriously. I don't know what I would do without Netflix....not really, but it's nice to have. I've seen so many beautiful, funny, and inspirational movies that I never would've discovered without this service. I think it just makes things a lot more enjoyable, don't you think?