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I was editing this post while watching "Blood Into Wine," which is a documentary about Maynard's (Tool) Winery. It's quite funny and interesting, so if you have Netflix, I highly recommend. Also, Tim and Eric is in it, doesn't get any better than that.

Siiigh, I have 3 days off of work. I better make these days interesting.
where is my mind


I tried to post this earlier and of course, my internet died. And now my computer is moving slower than ever. I think this thing needs a day of rest.

I got a lot done today and feel very accomplished. Looking forward to start a new week.
where is my mind


Green computer, green eyes, bright red hair. I was told I look like the white version of Rhianna with my new hair, hah! I hope this week goes by fast because I need that paycheck at the end of the month. I'm planning on going to a few more shows in the next coming months. We will see about that. Since my lease is ending in a few months, I'm thinking about staying at this location for at least another year as much as that bothers me.

I was hoping to leave the city, but I still feel like I haven't taken full advantage of everything I have here. Might as well stay for a bit longer and take it all in before moving off to something else.

I'll just keep taking road trips because those are fun. I have a lot of editing to do, but I'm at that point where I get completely winded out from just editing one photograph. I start to lose my patience. I just really, really hate being on this computer every damn day. I need a break...yet, I will have to wait 55 more days to do that.
where is my mind


Not the best picture, could definitely do better. I'm tired though, and I want to enjoy my vacation.

Today John and I took a walk to this French cafe. We had sandwiches and croissants and French press coffee. Delicious. I finally got a bass guitar that I've been wanting. I went to the pawn shop where I first saw this beauty. It was cheap too, I had to have it. Got a good deal on it too! Even better, oh, and it's purple!

OK Go was simply fantastic. I'm happy I got to see them in another city. Made this whole trip all worthwhile. All five of us: Allie, Colin, Elin, John, and I wore a bunch of glowsticks, I'm sure they enjoyed looking at us hahaha.

Tonight we're making pork tenderloin with potatoes and I think we're going to head out to Wet Willie's to get alcoholic slushies. So tempting...
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Woke up late after feeling kind of restless the past few days. It's funny...when you're on vacation, the thing you want to do most is to relax and sit around and take cat naps all day long. But then you decide to go to a city you've never been in before, and all you want to do it explore and go walking around all day long. Such a dilemma. After feeling well-rested, John and I headed out to a local coffee shop. Very nice and cozy inside. They also had this outdoor area with a lot of seating and ivy growing on the brick walls and lights hanging above. We sat outside and drank our coffees. Allie met up with us and we talked for quite a while. We went back home and played catch phrase. John and I eventually headed out so I could take this photo. I found OK Go's tour bus, who are playing tonight at the Music Farm, and I will be there watching them in all their glory. We walked over to this music/pawn shop on King St. I found a purple bass in the window for only $125, I'm actually thinking about purchasing it tomorrow after I get my paycheck.

Ahhh, I'm so excited for tonight! This will be my 9th or 10th time seeing them, I lost count.
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My couchsurfer is here with me today. I made a large dinner for all my friends. Went driving throughout the city today, despite the high winds. Pretty eventful day. Although I have work tomorrow, and I'm leaving early so I can go to my gallery! Gosh, I'm so nervous. Don't think I'll be able to sleep.

P.S. That's the painting CiCi and I created in the background.
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The trip to the Shedd Aquarium was unsuccessful. We got there and the guy outside the museum said it was closed. It closed at 1, but the last ticket was sold at 12:15, even though it was a free day. They were shooting a movie, so Matt Damon, if you are reading this...you owe me 9 dollars for the cost of our train fares and 2 free tickets to the Shedd Aquarium. I'm sure that movie of yours will make millions of dollars anyway.

Let's see if tomorrow's adventures work out.

ALSO, very important, my gallery reception has been switched from this Thursday to NEXT Wednesday at 12:30. Change your plans accordingly.
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Massive Attack certainly was a spiritual experience. Such a fantastic and colorful set. Bright lights and fog, it looked like a dream. They played in front of a huge screen that was scrolling names and news events and quotes from well-known people. It was quite inspiring. The crowd was weird to me. I felt like I walked into a time warp. I noticed a lot of Europeans speaking several different languages. Definitely didn't feel like I was in Chicago anymore.

Tonight, I'm going out with a few friends. I have the weekend off, so I might as well use it to my ability. I'm excited to enjoy this beautiful night. Speaking of beautiful nights, Chicago has been seeing some really lovely days as of late. Perfect Fall weather.
where is my mind


It's been a kind of interesting past few days. I wonder if it's because the fall season has started. The air seems a lot more different. The feel of every new day seems different. Maybe it's because I'm working more so than ever before. I'm practically at work everyday, so I see and hear a lot of interesting things. Now, I feel like I'm beginning to ramble on. Enough about work. Work is work, let it be work.

The inspiration for my gallery is really moving along. I'm beginning to buy the supplies I need and I have dreams about it even. I just like to imagine it the way I would like it to be. I hope the end product is what it looks like in my dreams.