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where is my mind


Posted 1 minute late! It's funny; my internet connection has been working really well for the past 2 weeks, then right as I mention it's awesome stability, it goes out, of course. I didn't think I was going to be able to post it tonight.

This is my exciting Halloween costume for the night. I ended up taking a really long nap today after work. We were planning on going to see Bassnectar down the street, but we had to sacrifice a night of fun. If there's anything I've learned when traveling, it's that you should always be well rested and leave as early as possible.

We'll be leaving for Southern Illinois tomorrow morning to visit our friend at school. Then we'll leave early Monday morning to make our trip out to South Carolina to visit John's sister and her boyfriend. I'm so excited!

Wow, 65 more days...
where is my mind


It's supposed to storm pretty badly tomorrow. Apparently, it's going to be up to 55 mph winds! I kinda just want to stay in all day, but unfortunately I have a lot of things to do. Oh well. My friend is coming to Chicago and spending the night as a couchsurfer. Excited for the next 2 days, but also very nervous.