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Funny how my paid DA account and Flickr account both expired around the same time. This probably means I'll have to stop posting at both places once this project is over, or at least wait until I can afford to pay for a subscription. I forgot how wonderful it is to have paid accounts for things. Now all I see are ads, ads, and more ads. Shit is slower than ever before. This sucks.

This month has sucked. I hope the new year will be much better for me. I'm anticipating the days until the countdown. I felt that 2010 was a good year, but it left me wanting something more. My horoscope tells me that I should take the risk that I've been wanting to take and to move to another city, state, or even country. It's ironic how my horoscope knew that I was itching for that big move. I guess it's time to make that change. The stars are all lined up for me...
where is my mind


I went to the south side today to pick up things. I think the first thing I do when I go back to my parent's house is immediately reach for the food. So much good stuff. All the time.

There's always candy sitting out in bowls, which is just as tempting as well. John's mother was very kind and made us this awesome meatloaf, which we cooked when we got home. And she gave us potatoes and all this other awesome stuff. It's so wonderful and I'm so grateful.

Then I began baking cookies and have been doing so since about 5pm. It's so hot in here, and I'm still going...

So far I've made: pecan crescent cookies, chocolate chip walnut cookies, and sugar cookies that I decorated with sprinkles. I'm thinking my last batch could be ginger cookies or perhaps something else...any ideas?
where is my mind


Yesterday was probably the most ridiculous, heart breaking day I have experienced in a while. So dramatic and so much yelling. I wasn't going to go to that dance party because of how terrible I felt, but I ended up going anyway and felt so much better about things. It was fun, too. They played some good music and the party was free and the beers were cheap. I don't think it gets better than that. Unfortunately, I didn't win the year long pass to Double Door. Bummer.

I woke up fairly late today, which is something I never do. Got a few good hours of sleep in to take my mind off of things. I'm feeling better, but still hungry hah.

I wanted to go Christmas shopping today, but instead, I sat down and took surveys for some extra cash and enjoyed the view of the lovely sky. Not so bad. Tonight I'm thinking...free drinks at a beer tasting event in boys town and then possibly heading to another dance party for only 5 dollars. I wonder if everything is so cheap since it's the holiday season and all the really expensive stuff will happen on NYE. Hm?

What are your plans for NYE?
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I know some of you will be like, omigosh, this photo would look so much better if you lost the panties, but then...you wouldn't be able to see all my cute panties.

Anyhow, I know my photostream has been risque lately, but I've been feeling comfortable and confident with myself. Think of it as a series.

I guess that's the first thing I do when I get home, take off all those layers of clothing and relax.
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I hope tomorrow's photo will be better. The lack of natural lighting puts me in a hard place. I've had a splitting headache for most of the day. Seems like after I finish this tea, I'll have to go to bed.

It's interesting what things you manage to create for dinner when you hardly have any food.
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I finally have internet! It appears that the problem was coming from outside on the roof, so it wasn't our responsibility to have to pay any money. I'm just glad everything got resolved.

Tonight, I'm going out to the Darkroom Bar in celebration of Black Wednesday. Should be a lot of fun. I need it. And tomorrow will be Thanksgiving! I've been so hungry lately, can't wait to eat all that food. Have a great night everyone.
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Had a pretty crazy night last night. Lots of singing, drunkenness, and playing guitar. My fingers are still bloodied. You can probably imagine how I felt this morning at work after a crazy night, but it was all good. I woke up fairly early, took a shower, which felt amazing, and I walked to work while also stopping to pick up breakfast. It was quite a beautiful day. This week in Chicago has been pretty amazing weather-wise. I have the weekend off, surprisingly. I want to go out and have fun, but I also know I should save up some money. So many decisions...
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I spent a good while trying to edit the colors in the photo, then I got fed up and made it black and white. I think I like it this way a lot more anyway.

So, this is my new bass. It's a pretty purple color, unfortunately you can't see it in this photo. Another time though.

Today is day 311, which is quite fitting since I took my photo with my bass and all. :P

So, I got a guitar, a bass, and John has a drum kit. I got my harmonica amongst other things, so...let's start a band!
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Woke up late after feeling kind of restless the past few days. It's funny...when you're on vacation, the thing you want to do most is to relax and sit around and take cat naps all day long. But then you decide to go to a city you've never been in before, and all you want to do it explore and go walking around all day long. Such a dilemma. After feeling well-rested, John and I headed out to a local coffee shop. Very nice and cozy inside. They also had this outdoor area with a lot of seating and ivy growing on the brick walls and lights hanging above. We sat outside and drank our coffees. Allie met up with us and we talked for quite a while. We went back home and played catch phrase. John and I eventually headed out so I could take this photo. I found OK Go's tour bus, who are playing tonight at the Music Farm, and I will be there watching them in all their glory. We walked over to this music/pawn shop on King St. I found a purple bass in the window for only $125, I'm actually thinking about purchasing it tomorrow after I get my paycheck.

Ahhh, I'm so excited for tonight! This will be my 9th or 10th time seeing them, I lost count.
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Went into work today even though it was my day off. My candy load didn't come in due to a power outage, so I spent my shift helping them putting everything back into the coolers. That was fun. I have to go back in tomorrow morning, on my day off again, and work the candy load. So, I'm thinking I will go in at 5am before the store even opens just so I can finish everything in a matter of hours. I have loads of laundry to do. I have to go back to the south side. I have to pack before Sunday. And I need a Halloween costume to come up with. I'm thinking I'll probably get about 3 hours of sleep this weekend.

Wide angle makes my boobs look weird.