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where is my mind


The total lunar eclipse is tonight. I'm only wishing I can see it through all the snow and clouds. I'm getting a feeling that I won't, which is a bummer. I've been looking forward to it the past few days.

I was going to write something profound here, but then my coffee hazed mind shut off immediately before I could get my point across.

I walked around and shopped downtown today with CiCi. I really enjoyed walking down the street with all the Christmas lights and trees and other decorations that were getting covered by snow. It was a beautiful sight. It actually began to make me appreciate this holiday a little more.
where is my mind


This morning was so incredibly odd. I set 6 alarms on my phone. Two alarms for John to wake up at 4am for work, and four for me to wake up at 7am. We went to bed pretty late, but I was confident that I would get up on time like I always do...until today. John woke up 2 hours late at 6:30am, and decided to not go in. I woke up at 9:30, when I was supposed to be at work at 9. I freaked out and got all my things together within 5 minutes.

John and I walked out to the car so he could drop me off, and there of course, was a parking ticket. Then work was torture as usual. Doing candy and spice loads by myself. Luckily, I got all my work done and was able to meet up with John for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Just what I needed, a large, warm bowl of noodles and chicken and veggies.

Food cures all of life's little problems.
where is my mind


Grub Hub is the most amazing thing to have ever existed. We ordered some Thai food from this great little Thai restaurant down the block. Should be arriving shortly, actually, in the next 10 minutes!

We have a movie to watch, and champagne chilling.

I have the day off tomorrow and want to spend it specifically for art purposes only. So I suppose that means I'll be painting and drawing, it's been far too long.

I need to get away from this internet. Mainly because this internet connection has been sucking really bad lately, and it's also sucking away my life.
where is my mind


It's been really lovely in Chicago lately, not counting the past 2 days where it has rained. You can definitely tell that spring is in the air. I love this feeling. I love the feeling I get when spring approaches. There's plants and flowers and trees in bloom, and it's such a beautiful sight. It also means that summer is well on it's way, and that is what I'm looking forward to the most.

I was planning on going to school in the summer, but since I'm working a lot, and it will be summer...I think I would much prefer to start school in the fall. This is my first time living on the north side, so I will take advantage of it. The beaches, parks, close proximity to entertainment and venues...yeah, this summer will be aweeesome.

We're having a Mexican Fiesta tonight! We bought some flank steak, which is currently marinading in a pool of deliciousness, for steak tacos, and I made Spanish rice and guacamole and some black beans and vegetarian refried beans. CiCi and Luke will join our festivities with the sangria! :)

OH! and baseball season is here! Go Sox!