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And there you have it. 365 days of self-portraits. I must say, it has been quite a journey. It's actually quite surreal. I woke up today and knew that this was it. I scoped out locations to take my last photo for weeks until I decided that I should do something that was fun and interesting. Something that would fit into this collection of work. Or perhaps it was just sheer laziness.

You all have saw the good, the bad, the ugly. You followed a stranger in this world just to see what I do everyday. I can't even begin to thank all of the followers and all of the friends I've made. I am so happy that you could all be a part of my journey and self-discovery. It's been an incredible ride. Not only do I feel like I've grown as an artist, but as a person. A better person.

Now that I feel like I have mastered the art of self-portraiture, and now that I all of this work under my belt; I feel confident that I can venture onto newer and better things. I am very proud of my work, I am very proud of myself for sticking the whole entire way through this all.

It's been a lot of work, and there were so many times when I wanted to give up, but looking back on this year...it gave me an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I had my work shown in a gallery and an interview that will be televised. I have inspired other people to partake in a 365 day project of their own.

You are the greatest gift. Thank you so much!
where is my mind


Definitely going to have to get a second job. Looking at today's paycheck is just beyond pathetic.

I had an incredibly long night last night. My friends came over around 11:30 and pretty much got me drunk up until 4:30. Waking up this morning, I was in a haze. I had a dream about zombies ruling the world. I locked myself in a room with a few close friends, just sitting there, talking, waiting. I believe I woke up when things started to get more interesting. I wonder if I would've survived if I had only slept a little bit longer...

I took a bubble bath which sorta kinda eased my headache. I have to start wearing a brace to work on my wrist because the pain is too intense now.

Looking forward to this dance party tonight. Dance my troubles away.
where is my mind


It started snowing on our way home from Kinetic early in the morning. It looked so beautiful, now it looks all mushy and dirty. So many funny things happen at Kinetic. So much so that I should probably write a book about all the craziness I experience and the kind strangers I meet.

We went grocery shopping, which filled up our fridge just a little bit. It's nice to see some actual food in there.

P.S. Just one more month. :)
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This is what, 2 days late? I can't even begin to tell you what kind of weekend I've been having. My internet has been down since Saturday afternoon and I've gone everywhere that has free wifi just so I could post this photo. Saturday, I figured the internet was just down and expected it to be up the next morning. Sunday morning comes, no such luck. So I headed over to Borders since they have free wifi...no luck. The servers were crowded and moving so incredibly slow, so I had to leave. I walked over to a local coffee shop, no seating available. I decided to try again today.

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself. Saturday was a very stressful day for this reason. John is basically out of a job and had no way of looking/applying for a job. I'm paying for everything on my own. I have no food to eat. No money to go out and enjoy myself. No money to pay bills. This is fucking terrible.
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Going slightly crazy. I've just about had it at work and am looking to quit any moment now. I just wish someone would at least call me back on the many job applications I've been sending out recently. After being in South Carolina, I realized that there was no point in wasting my life away somewhere I didn't want to be. I'm so sick of people. Sick of people eating my fucking soul!

So tonight, I will be making loads and loads of homemade mushroom rice. Also, I bought this gallon of vodka and 46 oz. of cranberry juice for only 17 bucks, which I will most definitely enjoy.

We got a humidifier since the cold/flu season is approaching. I already feel the scratching at the back of my throat. Waking up every morning with a stuffy nose and a headache. Sneezing endlessly throughout the day. Hope this will help. Also, it's an elephant! So cute.
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Green computer, green eyes, bright red hair. I was told I look like the white version of Rhianna with my new hair, hah! I hope this week goes by fast because I need that paycheck at the end of the month. I'm planning on going to a few more shows in the next coming months. We will see about that. Since my lease is ending in a few months, I'm thinking about staying at this location for at least another year as much as that bothers me.

I was hoping to leave the city, but I still feel like I haven't taken full advantage of everything I have here. Might as well stay for a bit longer and take it all in before moving off to something else.

I'll just keep taking road trips because those are fun. I have a lot of editing to do, but I'm at that point where I get completely winded out from just editing one photograph. I start to lose my patience. I just really, really hate being on this computer every damn day. I need a break...yet, I will have to wait 55 more days to do that.
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I had an enjoyable day once I got out of work. I headed to the Chicago French Market that has multiple vendors inside this really large building. It had everything you could imagine. John and I enjoyed these delicious Belgian Frites served to us inside of a cone with a cold brew. I also picked up a red velvet cupcake, which I am too full to eat. The girls and I picked up free samples of this lemongrass soap from one of the vendors. There was also a raw foods vendor that had everything you could imagine. If I had enough money, I'm sure I would've picked something up. I'm not too big on raw and vegan foods, but I am always willing to try. What can I say, I love to cook and I find it incredibly soothing, especially after a long day. Nothing better than chopping up vegetables and throwing it into a pan with spices and other goodness. It pleases all of my senses. Afterwards, we headed home. I feel like I need to take a nap if I want to enjoy the rest of the night. It kinda sucks having to open at work back to back.

I do know I will be heading to the French Market very, very soon. Especially for the cheeses! Gosh, there were so many. I love my stinky cheeses.
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Massive Attack certainly was a spiritual experience. Such a fantastic and colorful set. Bright lights and fog, it looked like a dream. They played in front of a huge screen that was scrolling names and news events and quotes from well-known people. It was quite inspiring. The crowd was weird to me. I felt like I walked into a time warp. I noticed a lot of Europeans speaking several different languages. Definitely didn't feel like I was in Chicago anymore.

Tonight, I'm going out with a few friends. I have the weekend off, so I might as well use it to my ability. I'm excited to enjoy this beautiful night. Speaking of beautiful nights, Chicago has been seeing some really lovely days as of late. Perfect Fall weather.
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I have all these thoughts running through my head. Sometimes I don't know if I should listen to them or ignore them completely. Lately, I've been thinking about my future. I have 4 more months left on my lease and was considering on traveling after that. I guess it mostly depends on my money situation in the end.

Been thinking maybe I should travel for a year. Maybe I should go back to school. Maybe I should live in another location. Maybe I should begin this art business right here in Chicago. I really don't know.
where is my mind


Oh, what? Another full-on portrait? Sometimes it's hard to be creative day in and day out. Sometimes I get focused on other things and can't make the time or the effort to do crazy things for my 365. I promise I will though. I have, what, 103 more days to go?