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where is my mind


I had a really long day at work. I felt like I was there for an entire day. Time went by so slow today. I'm growing incredibly tired, I think I'm going to have to sleep off this exhaustion. I was debating whether or not I should go out tonight, but then I remember I'm broke as hale. I have a very, very busy day tomorrow as well. I'm going to John's house to paint for some extra cash, and I'm helping my parents move in to their new home. Then of course, is the drum circle. I must be well-rested for that!
where is my mind


I know you're probably wondering where the hell my dreads are since it's been a few weeks. I've stopped trying to grow them, and I'm going to redo it. I feel like I should get them done by a professional. I was having trouble separating the dreads and I began to make some of them uneven, and I should perhaps get it all done in one go instead of waiting forever to let them form. I still have some baby dreads and hopefully I can make them look better the next go around.

I've been planning out 2 tattoos to get, but I am short of money, plus I'm having a hard time finding that right place and that right artist. I'm very picky about these things, and I have a right to be! After all, it will be there forever.

Some people tell me, "Oh, you'll regret that when you're old and all wrinkly." Well, I, for one, would rather get a tattoo now while my body is still hot. When I'm old, I'll be old and careless about my fading looks.
where is my mind


Happy accidents.

I tried to be a little adventurous today considering I had a long weekend and am extremely exhausted. The shows were fun though, and I'm glad I got to go.

I've been spending time brainstorming what I'm going to do for my solo exhibition. I'm coming up with ideas here and there, but I certainly don't have much time. I wanted to really do something exciting and something different than just framing a photo and hanging it up on a wall. Unfortunately, I only have about 2 weeks to come up with ideas and make them happen while having to go to work everyday for several hours.

I hope something happens, and fast.
where is my mind


So what you see here are the inner makings of dreads. I guess that is what I'm going to do. My hair is already starting to go that route. I put all these beads in my hair one day and since then they've been stuck in there forming clumps of hair. I'm pretty excited to see the result. I suppose you can say I've been very tired of trying to style my hair, so this is what I do, haha.

I didn't post this yesterday as I valued sleep way over posting a photo. I really needed the rest I got today after this weekend. I feel so much better and ready to take on this week.