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I had an enjoyable day once I got out of work. I headed to the Chicago French Market that has multiple vendors inside this really large building. It had everything you could imagine. John and I enjoyed these delicious Belgian Frites served to us inside of a cone with a cold brew. I also picked up a red velvet cupcake, which I am too full to eat. The girls and I picked up free samples of this lemongrass soap from one of the vendors. There was also a raw foods vendor that had everything you could imagine. If I had enough money, I'm sure I would've picked something up. I'm not too big on raw and vegan foods, but I am always willing to try. What can I say, I love to cook and I find it incredibly soothing, especially after a long day. Nothing better than chopping up vegetables and throwing it into a pan with spices and other goodness. It pleases all of my senses. Afterwards, we headed home. I feel like I need to take a nap if I want to enjoy the rest of the night. It kinda sucks having to open at work back to back.

I do know I will be heading to the French Market very, very soon. Especially for the cheeses! Gosh, there were so many. I love my stinky cheeses.
where is my mind


I sometimes wonder where I will go after this lease is up. I would like to travel, but that may require me to quit my job. I can't imagine being jobless ever. I've been working for 5 years. It's all I've known. I've definitely held out on so many things because of it and I hate it for that reason.

I've been looking for some temp jobs and jobs that don't expect me to come into an office everyday. I've found a few freelance photo jobs, but who even knows if they're interested in my work. I've thought about serving jobs, but then they usually require experience. I hate that. How am I supposed to do any job if they want prior experience? Isn't that the reason why you get a job anyway? To learn and grow from that job? I feel like people are too quick to write others off. I once applied for a photo job that would have consisted of me taking photos of hotels and people who rent our their condos for those who are traveling. They shot me down because I don't have experience with shooting interior architecture or whatever bullshit reason they gave. I don't need experience when I feel like I've already mastered composition and lighting. But...I suppose this is the way the world works.


Bills, bills, bills. So this is when the fun starts, eh?

This is day 80! These days are flying by so fast. I always wonder what my collection will look like when I reach the last day. I'm kind of struggling with coming up with new ideas every shoot I take. I'm actually starting to despise taking photos of myself.

I have a fun weekend planned ahead. I'm waiting for tomorrow to be over with so I can enjoy my 2 days off this week. I finally got the paycheck situation sorted out. My pay stub had 20 hours listed when I worked 25 hours. They didn't take into account the Friday morning I had come in to be trained for the new position I was taking over and also being asked to stay an hour later.

I certainly hope this won't be a recurring thing.
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I don't know why Flickr blurs my photos after I've resized them and sharpened them to avoid such a problem. Oh well.

This photo was inspired by Beck's "Sea Changes" I was listening to him this morning and decided to look up the album information. I found this blog, where it had 4 different versions of his album cover. I had only saw the first photo (and another version which was not pictured on the blog), but not the other 3, and I fell in love with the artwork all over again. The colorful brush strokes with the abstract designs, it looked so beautiful, and I felt inspired.

I've been on a "Mutations" kick as of lately.

Today is one of those beautiful winter days where the sun is shining brightly through my windows and I have my window slightly cracked to let in a crisp, cool breeze. Where it is necessary enough to wear a light jacket without having to bundle up entirely. Almost kind of reminds me of spring.
where is my mind


Colors. I feel like I understand colors extremely well. While I was in college, for the last year I was there, I took all art classes. I'm talking Drawing I & II, Painting I, Photography, Photographic Design, Computer Art, 2D Design, and Printmaking. Alas, I didn't make it through to the end in printmaking because my workload became too much to handle, and so I dropped that class. But, in all of these classes I learned some hardcore lessons in color. Since then, I haven't looked at color in the same way that I used to.

Because of this, I noticed that I started to wear colors a lot more and wear colors that were complimentary. My photos have a lot more color in them, as opposed to the usual B&W's. I'm embracing colors a lot more.

My favorite color of the moment is green. I love green. I love wearing it, I love buying things that have green in it, I love smoking it, I love laying in it, everything! It's a neutral, friendly color. It's very earthy and natural. Perhaps that's why I've grown to love it.

What's your favorite color, and why?