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I bought this outfit from the thrift store. The shirt, the pants, and the belt. This entire outfit cost me 7 dollars. I also bought a few other articles of clothing. I'm very short on fall clothes. I seem to have more summery clothes than fall clothes. Lots of tank tops and skirts and dresses. I wonder why that is, considering it is mostly cold in Chicago for most of the year.

I think it is time for a big change. I'm definitely going to have to quit smoking. I said I was going to quit smoking at the very beginning of this project, and I still haven't accomplished that. It was working for the most part, but then I moved out, and once I moved out, I didn't feel so guilty when I was around my parents.

If I stop smoking, I'll save myself 1,000 dollars a year, which means I can put that money towards food, clothes, and rent. I think that sounds like a good plan.
where is my mind


Dyed my hair red, but I guess you can't tell much by this photo. I went out last night, but didn't stay out for too long. It was a bit of a lame night, I was expecting better. Most of my friends are flakes, so it's hard to have a good time when they snub you all the time.

I'm making my delicious eggplant lasagna dish today. I figured a day that involves Primus should involve the best dinner ever. It only makes sense.

I have things to do. PRMIUSPRIMUSPRIMUS. Have a good day, everyone!
where is my mind


I discovered a bruise on the back of my right thigh thanks to CiCi's boyfriend, Luke. We went out Wednesday night since his friends from Philly were in town, on their way to the west coast. We went from bar to bar to bar, and then, we stop in a Philly bar. Luke says, "Go Flyers!" in a bar full of Pittsburgh Penguins fans and all hell breaks loose (since the game just ended and the Pens lost). This guy gets up and shoves Luke, he loses his balance, and there I am in front of them, so they fall right into my leg. Ugh, bar fights are so lame. My leg hurt that entire night and still does. I always hate when I find myself in those situations. It totally could've been avoided if I was only a few more inches to the left. Don't you hate when that happens?

Anyway. Today was a lovely day. I got these stitches of clothing from the Unique Thrift Store by my place. I got this outfit for 5 bucks! These are my new Lady GaGa Paparazzi sunglasses as well.