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where is my mind


I'm anticipating this week. There is a possibility I might meet up with this couch surfer. He's staying on my side of the town and was looking for a few people to hang out with. He's coming in on Wednesday and will be staying for a month. I haven't met the guy, but he seems like a lot of fun. I should probably invite him to the drum circle that will be happening on Thursday, that's really all I have going on at the moment.

My pants are beginning to slowly slip right off my waist. I moved from the second notch on my belt to the forth. I take this as a sign that I'm losing weight again. I feel better. My body feels slender. When I start working a lot, I usually tend to lose weight. For one thing, I never ever eat on my break. I'm sorry, but 15 minutes is not enough time for me to enjoy a meal, so I usually have a granola bar or an orange or...nothing at all. I've been drinking so much tea that it is practically coming out of my nose. I've been getting back into yoga as well. It's always such a weird feeling when you go from doing yoga regularly to occasionally. I feel like jello after every session. I kind of like the feeling.

I walk every single day to and from work, as well as to friend's houses and events and such. Walking is so much easier when you're on the North Side. There is simply no other way to get around (well, obviously the train and buses) but with cars, forget it. Parking is pain all around. My poor car probably hates me since I'm giving it too much rest, but I prefer it this way.

(BTW, go Hawks!)

(Has anyone seen the new video by M.I.A.? Craaaaazy.)