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where is my mind


I feel like I need to start leaving myself little notes every where that give me words of encouragement. Sometimes I find it hard to get through everyday. I'm realizing more and more how much time passes by. I have a stack of post-it's, so perhaps I should put some good use to them, and make myself feel better.

Back when I was in college taking all my art classes, the art club had this entertaining idea involving post-it's. They drew up diagrams to construct huge Mario video game characters (like Mario, and the mushrooms, etc.) out of only post-it paper. The result was pretty awesome. My photography class had a really huge window that overlooked part of the campus and there was the huge Mario planted on the window. It looked really great in the sunlight with all the different colors of post-it paper. I still remember watching those pieces of paper fall off one by one as the time went on.

I know, I should probably clean my camera.