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where is my mind


I've been playing a lot of Super Mario lately. Wii is a fun game system. I don't care if you elite gamers think I'm not a real gamer because I play Nintendo. I find all systems to be enjoyable for their own reasons. I love Nintendo because of Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, and all the other Mario games. I like that you can download games off of the internet and from like 5 different systems.

I love Sega for Sonic and Boogerman and I would play that Power Rangers game all day long with the Sega CD. Tom Jam and Earl is another favorite. I remember playing that in my apartment a lot whenever I got bored.

I love Playstation for introducing me to Spyro. That is probably my top favorite game of all time, next to Mah Jongg. I hear they're making a movie about Spyro, lolll I would totally go to the theater and watch that. Crash Bandicoot was the first playstation game I ever played. I wish they kept making more games. The last one I remember playing was the third one (Warped!) or maybe it was Crash Team Racing..

I'm not a big Xbox user, but I'm very fond of Doom. Although the original Doom game- I'm talking about computer disc, ID software style Doom- is obviously much better.

Does anybody remember Day of the Tentacle? I'm trying to get my hands on that. Can't find it anywhere.
where is my mind


There's this bar on the north side of Chicago called Darkroom, which is a darkroom photography bar. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! See, this is why I need to move up to the north side. I was looking at the pictures of the place on their website and it really looks quite fancy. Black and red. Sleek and modern designs. Sexy and intimate. Sounds like my kind of bar.

I'm going there tonight to check out this band from the Beverly area called Sam Sinclair Trio. They're quite well-known here and play all the time at the Beverly Arts Center and Beverly festivals as far as I'm aware. I'm looking forward to their performance tonight. You all should join me!