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where is my mind


I sometimes wish that when I was younger, I would've done more things. I would give anything to be 18 again. I wish I could have broken out of my shell and taken risks that I never thought I would take. I wish I could have done this and I wish I could have done that. But now that the time has come and gone, so quickly, I feel like I have to make up for all of that. Now that I'm 23, I feel as if I haven't seen enough of the world. 23 is young, I realize, but I still feel very old. I can't really explain it. I'll look at photos from only 3 years ago and notice a huge change not only in appearance, but with the things I did and the ideas I had.

I wonder what I will think when I look back at these photographs 3 years from now.
where is my mind


My lips get so dry in the winter. I hate it.

John pointed something funny out to me a while ago, he told me that he noticed that a lot of his favorite tracks on an album is always track number 6. I began to pick this up as well. Maybe there are some unexplainable forces out there...? Not really. I'm sure that is not the case for every album, but I found that interesting.

I want to take a trip somewhere, but I don't know where to go. Somewhere warm. I would like to go back to California. I felt like the last time I went there, I wasn't really able to do everything that I wanted to do, which is a shame. I had a lot of fun there though. And I still can't believe that my little ole Ford Focus was able to make it to Cali and back to Chicago in one piece. That's my baby!