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And there you have it. 365 days of self-portraits. I must say, it has been quite a journey. It's actually quite surreal. I woke up today and knew that this was it. I scoped out locations to take my last photo for weeks until I decided that I should do something that was fun and interesting. Something that would fit into this collection of work. Or perhaps it was just sheer laziness.

You all have saw the good, the bad, the ugly. You followed a stranger in this world just to see what I do everyday. I can't even begin to thank all of the followers and all of the friends I've made. I am so happy that you could all be a part of my journey and self-discovery. It's been an incredible ride. Not only do I feel like I've grown as an artist, but as a person. A better person.

Now that I feel like I have mastered the art of self-portraiture, and now that I all of this work under my belt; I feel confident that I can venture onto newer and better things. I am very proud of my work, I am very proud of myself for sticking the whole entire way through this all.

It's been a lot of work, and there were so many times when I wanted to give up, but looking back on this year...it gave me an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I had my work shown in a gallery and an interview that will be televised. I have inspired other people to partake in a 365 day project of their own.

You are the greatest gift. Thank you so much!
where is my mind


Funny how my paid DA account and Flickr account both expired around the same time. This probably means I'll have to stop posting at both places once this project is over, or at least wait until I can afford to pay for a subscription. I forgot how wonderful it is to have paid accounts for things. Now all I see are ads, ads, and more ads. Shit is slower than ever before. This sucks.

This month has sucked. I hope the new year will be much better for me. I'm anticipating the days until the countdown. I felt that 2010 was a good year, but it left me wanting something more. My horoscope tells me that I should take the risk that I've been wanting to take and to move to another city, state, or even country. It's ironic how my horoscope knew that I was itching for that big move. I guess it's time to make that change. The stars are all lined up for me...
where is my mind


The total lunar eclipse is tonight. I'm only wishing I can see it through all the snow and clouds. I'm getting a feeling that I won't, which is a bummer. I've been looking forward to it the past few days.

I was going to write something profound here, but then my coffee hazed mind shut off immediately before I could get my point across.

I walked around and shopped downtown today with CiCi. I really enjoyed walking down the street with all the Christmas lights and trees and other decorations that were getting covered by snow. It was a beautiful sight. It actually began to make me appreciate this holiday a little more.
where is my mind


Anon woke me up early this morning by meowing constantly. She quickly ran out of the room right as I was getting up. Then she came back in as I was opening the shades to bring it some light. She jumped up on the windowsill, so I figured she just wanted to take a picture with me.

I have a lot of things planned for today that I must get done as well. Hopefully, tonight I can make it downtown to go to this mingle and a movie party. Free drinks and free food and a free admittance to see Inception. Haven't seen it before, so this sounds like a lot of fun.
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I was able to wake up early enough to catch the orange sun rays shining in through the bathroom window. I went to work today for a short time to finish up a few things. I bought a few things for us to eat for the week. I bought these cranberries the other day and decided to making it with a little orange juice and grand marnier. Umm yum! I don't think I will ever eat cranberry sauce out of the can again. This is delicious. Definitely a cheap way to enjoy something so simple, yet divine.

I could probably ramble on and on about these cranberries.

I decided to give myself a few weeks to find new work, because I simply cannot stand it anymore. If not then I just quit. That will make me want to work my ass off. Hope it all works out in my favor.
where is my mind


I was quite pleased with last night's The Sea and Cake show. Never been to the Lincoln Hall venue before, but it is quite lovely. It's clean, the people are nice, and the lighting is awesome. I stood at the front of the stage most of the night. It wasn't that crowded at all. It was nice, actually. After they finished their set, I pointed at the set list that was in front of the lead singer. Then he motioned for me to take it. I was so elated hahahaaa...

I love this little souvenir.

Right now, I'm drinking chai tea and baking banana bread. Smells so good in here.
where is my mind


Finally, a beautiful sunny day! I know I've done many of these photos, but I can't help it. I'm so bored with myself these days. I've been focusing my intention on painting more so than taking photos. I really need to develop my other artistic skills and to become a better artist. I'm happy that this picture is slowly reaching the end.

Tonight, I'm going to see one of my favorite bands, The Sea and Cake. I'm excited, but also really tired.
where is my mind


My hair really isn't blue. Kinda wish it was.

Last night I was planning on going clubbing, but I'm not really into that scene. I mean, I like to dance, but club atmosphere seem so shady for some reason. I decided to stay at home and invite a friend over. Finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Although while I thought the movie was really well done, I can't help but get sick of this Michael Cera kid. He's just too awkward for me to really enjoy. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
where is my mind


Spent a lot of this day running around getting important things done. I was contesting a ticket I had gotten on Friday for a "street cleaning" violation even though the signs all along the block were covered in stickers and graffiti. Hope that will make me win this case.

I wrote up a letter and took photos of the signs yesterday. Since I don't have a printer, I figured I'd go to the library in the morning before work. I walk to the library in the morning...closed. The library doesn't open until noon! So, I go to work for a few hours, and decided to head back to the library to print out that letter. The computer won't open the file. I also had to make a copy of the ticket and went to 3 different stores and they were all broken; how fitting.

Finally, I asked my good ole friend JD who lives not so very far from me. He has a printer AND a scanner. My life is somewhat turned around in a matter of minutes. I signed my name, stuffed the letter in the envelope, kissed it for good luck, and dropped it in the mailbox.

Funny thing is, to them I'll just be another person contesting a ticket, and they will have no idea of all the trouble I had to go through the past 2 days.
where is my mind


My computer has been acting weird lately. Maybe it's because this thing has been on nearly every day. I'm excited to see the end of this project for that reason alone. Turning this thing off for a straight week would do me some good, I believe.

I'm staying in because it is cold out and I'm tired. I need to save my money and I need to get some rest. I think this would be the perfect time to detox, ya know?

I know I look distorted in this, and I like it that way.