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where is my mind


I think my ability to take photos and edit have turned upside down. Maybe it's this sickness or maybe it's this weather. It's cold, dark, and wet outside. My head and body are so sore. BLAH.
where is my mind


Posting late once again. This was taken when John and I came home from a very long day and long weekend.

I started off my Christmas with a mild concussion. I was carrying something heavy down the slippery stairs, totally wiped out, and bumped my head along with my back and butt. My head still hurts. Actually, my whole body hurts. I developed a cold over night. Sore throat and everything. My body is in such pain and soreness. I don't want to do anything at all today. I just want to rest.

I got everything I wanted for Christmas and more. Spent time with good people and good food. And now I think it's time to lay in bed again. Uugghh.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas.
where is my mind


As usual, I have the day off and...it rains. No, it doesn't just rain, it pours. There were tornado warnings and sirens and powerful winds and lightning that lit up the dark sky. Even though, in the morning, it was perfectly beautiful outside. I guess these things happen to me for some odd reason.

We were going to head up to this Peace Festival at this point. We were all dressed and ready to go, when it immediately began pouring right as we were about to walk out the door. We stayed inside, bought some drinks, and ordered food. A few hours later, the sky cleared up and it seemed as if the sun was coming out again, so we headed to the Peace Fest. It really wasn't at all what I expected, well, there were people doing drugs freely in the grassy area, which I had expected. But there were no bands, no food, and not many people. I guess the rain ended up freaking people out. There was a tree that had fell and also a light pole. I guess tomorrow's Peace Fest will be better, but I probably won't even go.