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I went to the south side today to pick up things. I think the first thing I do when I go back to my parent's house is immediately reach for the food. So much good stuff. All the time.

There's always candy sitting out in bowls, which is just as tempting as well. John's mother was very kind and made us this awesome meatloaf, which we cooked when we got home. And she gave us potatoes and all this other awesome stuff. It's so wonderful and I'm so grateful.

Then I began baking cookies and have been doing so since about 5pm. It's so hot in here, and I'm still going...

So far I've made: pecan crescent cookies, chocolate chip walnut cookies, and sugar cookies that I decorated with sprinkles. I'm thinking my last batch could be ginger cookies or perhaps something else...any ideas?
where is my mind


This is one of those photos where I took it very late in the day, and didn't really care for the outcome. Therefore, it is not in focus and could be done much better. Maybe tomorrow I could come up with something better, and in the daylight too.

Tomorrow I will have to sort some things out with school and classes. I'm still wondering if I even still want to go anymore. I'm just wondering why it took them so long to get back to me. I applied in August and got a call today, and of course, I was at work and could not answer. When I called later, they didn't pick up. I'm thinking it will just be better if I go in and talk to somebody.

I hate talking on the phone.
where is my mind


My internet has been cutting out a lot lately. I realize it must be the weather that is making it so difficult to access the internet, but my internet connection also just really really sucks. I'll have to get day 162 up soon. I still have to take the photo heeee.

So this past weekend was a lot of fun. There were multiple festivals going on. Tis the season! There was Rib Fest, Art Fest (I was actually going to participate in this until I realized how much money I would have had to spend), Midsummer Fest, and Blues Fest. I usually go to Blues Fest every year, but this year I opted out. I attended the Midsummer Festival with a few friends since it was practically only a few blocks away from my apartment. I had a really good time. The food was delicious and the music was fun to dance to. I only wish the weather had been a little bit better, but oh well.

Later Saturday night, Dennis and I met up with our friend, Charley. It's always nice to see Charley since I don't see much of him at all. We had a fun time drinking and dancing to the awesome jam bands that played at Kinetic.
where is my mind


Sometimes during the day when I think of something, I tend to write it down so I can remember to talk about it here. Hey, it's difficult trying to find topics to discuss on a daily basis. I don't really consider myself a writer, which is mostly why I won't accompany my photos with my words. I guess it's something I'm still getting used to. Sometimes I can't find the words to describe how I feel, and I hope this project will not only develop my creativity, but also my writing skills.

I noticed that when I eat bagels or sandwiches or even cookies, I usually eat the edges first and eat the middle part last. It's always the best and softest part. Don't you think?

I move in 2 days. Still doesn't seem real, but I'm happy that it's finally happening.