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I tried writing this whole spiel down, but then it all got deleted. How fitting.

I'm feeling a little better today. This is round 3 at Borders, taking advantage of their free wifi. At least they're not greedy like stupid Starbucks.

I saved up a few dollars so I could meet up with couchsurfers who are in town and to party down for Black Wednesday. I figured that with everything I have gone through this past week, I need some sort of relief.
where is my mind


Went into work today even though it was my day off. My candy load didn't come in due to a power outage, so I spent my shift helping them putting everything back into the coolers. That was fun. I have to go back in tomorrow morning, on my day off again, and work the candy load. So, I'm thinking I will go in at 5am before the store even opens just so I can finish everything in a matter of hours. I have loads of laundry to do. I have to go back to the south side. I have to pack before Sunday. And I need a Halloween costume to come up with. I'm thinking I'll probably get about 3 hours of sleep this weekend.

Wide angle makes my boobs look weird.
where is my mind


I would really love to have my own business. Particularly with my group of friends. I've talked about this with them quite a few times and they always seemed interested in the idea of having a place where we can show and discuss artworks and music. I had always dreamt of creating an art gallery that offered more than showing artworks on the wall. Inside, I want there to be a small, quaint cafe area where we serve yummy coffee drinks and booze. I envision DJs spinning good music and local bands belting out their songs. I imagine a small shop where my friends and I sell all our drawings and paintings and photos, amongst other things.

I have many talented friends who participate in all forms of art. I think we would really be quite successful at this.

But, it's only a dream. In which, I hope, to turn into a reality.
where is my mind


I confined myself to my apartment today even though it was a lovely day outside. Hungover from last night. Drank way way too much. I had fun for the most part, but I definitely drank too much. Eeek. My head was pounding and I ended up taking, like, 3 naps throughout the day. So glad I was smart enough to request today off.

Eventually I worked up the energy to buy groceries and I made a very good dinner. I feel better about everything.
where is my mind


There's a disco in my bathtub.

I think I'm going to have to start doing mini series throughout this project. It's hard to come up with new ideas day in and day out. It's hard to be creative sometimes. I need to focus on one thing at a time and perfect it to my liking and move on.

The best gummy bears are the clear ones.

My cat just killed a fly and ate it. Awesome.
where is my mind


I wonder what it is that make people so grumpy. What makes people so closed off and angry? Obviously this is a rhetorical question. I may never know.

I really could've used a friend today. I really could've used someone to talk to. I feel like I'm growing very distant from many of my friends, but I have no way of controlling everything, even though I wish I could. I'm tired of being looked as the bad guy especially when I find myself in these sorts of situations. Why is it so hard for people to admit their mistakes? Why is it so hard for people to apologize for something they did? Again, it's all rhetorical...I may never know.

And this is why I love bubble baths. To take my mind off of such matters.
where is my mind


I have to leave for work in a few minutes. This is my routine: Wash my face, fix my hair, brush my teeth, down some water with a multi-vitamin, pack my work clothes in my backpack, and head out the door. Walking to work has been getting more and more difficult with the increasing temperatures and deathly humidity. By the time I walk through the doors, I want to sprawl all out on the cold floor and take a quick nap. Perhaps I should make my way over to the freezer section this time and stick my face in the coolers.

Tonight is the first day of the Uptown Rib Fest, which I'm excited about. It just means there's another cool festival I can hang out at that's close to home.

Eek, I'm gonna be late. Bye bye.
where is my mind


Quite tired, although I have to leave for work in an hour. I have to work every day this week. After having a hiring freeze for over a year, my store is hiring people again. They already hired 10 people and are looking for more help. It's good in a way, because we could really use it. Plus, it gets people off my back.

Sometimes I wish I could write more here, so that when I look back on these specific days, I can easily recall what I did that day. But...sometimes it's good to not over share. Keeps the mysteriousness that I like to have.
where is my mind


I slept for 12 hours. There's only a few days where I can actually do that. I must've been really, really tired. I completely ignored all the text messages I had gotten last night, slept right through them all! My apologies, friends.

I woke up at 7am. Two hours before I had to go to work. It was an easy day. Went by really fast. I finally learned how to use the scanner gun to write orders for candy and spices. Pretty interesting, those scanner guns. Looks like I'm moving my way up to the top! Not really.

I just realized that In about 2 weeks, I will have reached my 5 year anniversary. I think they send me a gift or something, and take my photo to be put into the monthly newsletters. I will also have my vacation next week. I think I'm going to Michigan with John for a few days. I don't really know yet. Actually, I kinda want to go to Florida, but I should probably save my money.

My first Sox game of the season tomorrow! Going with my friend Brett, good lord, I haven't seen him in years. Actually, I have a funny story about him. Our very first meeting took place at a Sox game, and during the "Kiss Cam" dealio, they put the both of us on the screen. My only reaction was to bury my face in my sweatshirt. Gosh, that was so embarassing! Hah.

Happy first day of Summer!
where is my mind


Didn't get much sleep at all today. Today was Father's Day, and since I had the day off, I visited my parents. I went to my home away from home early in the morning (about an hour after I had just left a party hah!) and we had breakfast. Afterwards, we had a little bonding time. We went shopping. My mom got me a club card to one of those large stores, so I got my picture taken. Then they bought me a few grocery items and such for my apartment. I left shortly after we came home.

It was a nice day and all, but I'm extremely tired.